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Karma Battery Issue / Bought New on eBay - Help



I bought a brand new, sealed Karma from a reputable UK seller on eBay (He has sold 3 so far and all 3 gave good feedback).


I unpacked it today, removed the batter and placed it and the controller on charge, when it had finished charging I went to slide the battery back into the Karma and it stops with a gap of around half a centimeter. I tried using a little force but I didn't want to break anything.


I shone a light into the drones housing and it looks like the little plastic divider (the one on the right) that seperates the 3 sockets is damaged. I've done very little research but I've found a lot of youtube videos with the same issue.


I've emailed the issue to the seller along with close up images but just wanted to join this group to see what you thought.


Would GoPro themselves help or not, because I bought it indirectly (albeit sealed new)?