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Re: Karma sports mode and VR Passanger app
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Może kolego poczytaj sobie polskie prawo projekt rozporządzenia zanim wpakujesz siebie albo innych w kłopoty swoją niewiedzą




And just fyi the drone division has mostly been let go, there's only a fraction of people working on Karma (if any at all at this point, there hasn't been a software upgrade since last year). Hence the tone of my response - there's little to none hope for any future feature upgrades.


But hey I guess such a feature would be cool, although the delay between what drone sees and what is displayed would make everything feel weird lol.


I'd love more autopath modes and some other features though tbh. One can hope.


EDIT: Sorki link jest do projektu rozporządzenia. Jestem za leniwy żeby sprawdzić czy rozporządzenia doszło do skutku... Więc zostawię to tak jak jest :p