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Re: Karma sports mode and VR Passanger app

Well, then I found the use case - To fly the drone from first person perspective is awesome experience and idea. It should be default. Perhaps developers didn't think about it then, but maybe now with some software update it will change. Although the company is not in the best shape I still believe in them, I am sure they want to provide the best user experience and a lot of features.

As for the controls, you of course don't have to pilot Karma from the Passanger app. This is what remote is for. The App and VR set would be only for seeing. Changing controls, settings is not necessairy in VR mode, you can set your settings prior to flight anyway and the remote is intuitive enough to provide you good control overall even without directly looking at it.

What laws will I break piloting drone in VR set? What is the difference between pilotining it normally and this way? You can see what is ahead anyway... Sport drones are already suited with this function and noone cries about it.
Anyway the laws are not the same everywhere. For example I am from Poland and here you can still fly however and whatever you want. If you could be possibly breaking some law (that you can't fly drone in VR set for example)... if such exist, then there could be small notiffication before you turn VR mode on informing you about possibility of breaking such law.

Anyway your scepticism is a little annoying. You found very weak points against the idea and i presume you're doing it just for the cause of argueing.  I