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Re: "GoPro" 'Hero Session' Cameras

Hello I am need some help. I have gropro hero 4,  i bought May 2015. The camera was ok until 20/11/2018 when i decide to update.

after manualy download the file into the card, then i insert into camera. fist it show updating, but then the camera stuck with the picture below for a long time. so i remove the bateri and try to ON back. but the camera is No Power ON until now. i had contact the gopro support and they guide me to change other batteries, other cabel and other card. but it not working. 


i am so frustrated about this. so i am google the problem and i found that the GoPro had spoiled many camera with their UPDATE.


the camera suppose to be OK until i Update. 


Anyone have same problem with me hope can share or advised me if it can be Power ON again or reset it. 




<<The Photo are from one of gopro user, sorry forgot his name>>



Photo 24-12-15 13.57.23.jpg