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Re: "GoPro" 'Hero Session' Cameras
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Here is the Link to the GoPro Community Forum post that I started to describe my Turns Itself Off problems with my Hero4 Session. It contains posts that describe the test that I had done to try to figure out what might be going on with the camera. ...



Now, here is a brief description of the experience I had with my Hero4 Session after using it after  my testing ... "9/22/18, The Hero4 Session had been Fully Charged, (at home the night before my event and confirmed by checking using the App), the camera was switched on to record my motorcycle racing practice session and recorded only 40 seconds before turning itself off. I attempted to charge the battery, (using a 1A car/auto charger), Red light illuminated; I did not have enough time to wait for the Red light to go off before my second practice session, so I attempted to record once again; the camera did turn on, but when the session was over I discovered that it did not record any video; it must have shut off almost, immediately. When I attempted to charge it once again, (using a 1A car/auto charger), the Red light did not turned on, the camera would not switch on, and the Menu button would not display. I removed the Hero4 Session and put it away."


The next day, at home, I attempted to charge the Hero4 Session, (using a 1A DC charger), Red light illuminated - Red light turned off after a matter of seconds, Menu Display showed Battery Empty and switched Off).


I believe it will not be necessary to return to this Group; it seems to me that my Hero4 Session battery is dead and I have 'had enough' of dealing with this 'non-serviceable' battery. I do want to continue using a GoPro camera for recording my motorcycle racing, but I Will Not use another GoPro camera that Does Not Have a Replaceable battery.


Before purchasing another GoPro camera I will be getting in touch with GoPro Care / GoPro Support to discuss my options.


Good Luck to any other GoPro Hero Session users.