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"GoPro" 'Hero Session' Cameras

I wanted to express my feelings of "GoPro" discontinuing the "GoPro" 'Hero Session' cameras. ... I am disappointed. This feeling could change as time passes, and my 'Hero4 Session' ages. .. I purchased my 'Hero4 Session' July of 2017 to capture video of my participation in Amateur Flat Track [oval track] Motorcycle Racing. . I had occasionally, experienced the camera shutting off on its own, which seemed to happen more often this season. I am working on trying to see if I can find a solution. So, far, it seems that possibly, the camera getting 'too hot' could be the problem. I was only, aware of the "Too Hot Shutting Down" message on the camera when testing / diagnosing my situation at home with the camera off of the motorcycle. When I am using the camera during my racing I am not able to pay attention to the camera, after I have pushed the button and started recording, until the race is over and I am able to devote my attention to it.


I use the 'Pro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount' mounted to the center of my motorcycles' handlebars. I had been using the 'Standard Frame', which has openings on only, the top and the sides; the bottom has no opening; the bottom of my 'Hero4 Session' appears to be the part of the camera that gets the hottest during video recording, according to my Infrared Thermometer. I am going to try using the 'Low Profile Frame', which is used with the 'Low Profile Helmet Swivel Mount', instead of the 'Standard Frame', as the 'Low Profile Frame' has opening on top, sides, bottom, and partially, open in the back, which I am hoping will help in allowing the camera to operate at a cooler temperature. ... I had also, in the past, left the camera in the 'Standard Frame' when charging my 'Hero4 Session'; I wondered if this could be undesirable as the heat which might, be generated during charging could possibly, be detrimental.


Looking at some of the New, GoPro cameras motivated me to express how much I like the "GoPro" 'Hero Session' cameras for my needs. I like the 'Hero Session' size. I do not need the 'display'; I wouldn't be able to watch, anyway, and the 'App' on my mobile phone is sufficient to get the camera set in the correct position. I do not want to 'stick' something to my helmet, so the 'handlebar mount', and I feel that the camera is more susceptible to 'roost', spray of dirt, pebbles, stones, etc., from motorcycles ahead of me. I found a 'snap on', lens protector frame that accepts a piece of Lexan / Plexiglass that can be replaced when necessary. [https://www.shapeways.com/product/YXJBAE5YM/lens-protector-for-gopro-hero-4-5-session-cameras?li=gme...] ... Noticing the new, "GoPro" camera line up, and being aware of the 'discontinuance' of the 'Hero Session' cameras is what motivated me to Start this 'Group'.


I was leery of purchasing my "GoPro" 'Hero4 Session' knowing that the battery is not replaceable. Having it only, just, over a year, now, I am hoping that it will 'last' for quite a while, and that I can get it to stop turning off on its own, I would hate to have spent the money that I have for the camera and accessories only, for it to become useless.