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Re: tips & tricks and helpful hints Post here
Very cool. What are you using as an editor? I use Premier Pro with the GoPro vr plugins. The reframe effect takes a little practice but allows you to get some amazing perspectives.

I've also been playing around with the unstitched files. If you don't need the full 360 perspective and had one of the lenses pointed at the subject you can just use the front or back file in premiere. So far I've been able to make it look pretty good by using the other GoPro effects (Hero 3+ 4k) to remove the warp and get a pretty flat picture. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure optics compensation in After Effects will work as well.

If you use just one of the video files (front or back) you do need to do some color correcting with Lumetri Color. I've found you really need to boost the sharpness and saturation as well as color correct the WB to really make it look good. It's still faster than stitching through Fusion Studio but you don't have the flexibility you get if you do