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Re: Want to view my GoPro Fusion 3d photos & videos using my new Oculus Quest
You would need something like the Insta 360 Pro II, with as many lenses as possible and lots of pixel interpolation to generate all the missing images between the lenses. And forget about tilting your head. It's an astronomical headache.

Then playing it back would also require some hardware/software combination unknown to me. Paradoxically, such a thing is more or less trivial with computer generated images. So maybe at some point the solution will be to capture a 2D image and a depth field, then apply the depth data to the image digitally... maybe, or regenerate the whole scene with CGI using the 2D 360 data as a texture.

GoPro did try to produce something in this direction, but I never saw any footage produced by it. The post-production workflow was probably unbearable: