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Re: Want to view my GoPro Fusion 3d photos & videos using my new Oculus Quest

I appreciate the clarification which leads to the question... what does it take to create a truly 3d image or video? (I'm guessing lots of expensive stuff that's not currently available). Only looking in one direction, without the ability to "look around" would require two separate cameras spaced a fixed difference apart focusing on the exact same center point from different angles... the way our eyes work. Adding the ability to "look around" would require those same to cameras to "look around" until they capture the entire image in all directions... sounds difficult, expensive, and complicated.... could it be done with two fusion cameras? Anyhow, once again, you are correct. The fusion does not create a 3d image... it does create a spherical image which, when using suitable hardware, creates the illusion of being inside the photo... something I've never before experienced... something I look forward to experiencing more and more as we move into the future!