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Can't update or pair remote 2

Been working with this Fusion all day and I would admit now to complete CON-fusion. I purchased a remote 2 today, brand new, followed simple instruction to pair the device - and it will not pair. Selected the proper device, the pairing icons are on the remote, but no connection. I can use the remote to hit record, but no other fuctions work. SO - I figured maybe a firmware update may be I registered my device with gopro, got the appropriate download, unzipped it to a micro sd card, put it in the fusion, and nothing happens. The camera seems to work, the files are on the root - no there a way to check the firmware rev on my Fusion? Really need some help here as I have an outdoor project to finish beore the weather turns bad. Any help or advice most appreciated. PS- I swapped the sd card with the update files on it, to different slots to try that and what I ended up with was a swap message on the fusion. I am just getting started with this device......thanks.