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Re: Bad quality when I upload videos in Gopro Studio on mac
I'll send you a list of other optional video editors that you can try. Some are free and some you'll need to pay for.

In the meantime, what are the settings that you are using in studio? In Step 1 you set the video resolution quality by using the advanced clip control. If you go to the menu and edit and then select Advanced clip control you will have more options. During step one you can choose film scan to for the very best quality then film scan 1 high medium and low. After doing the conversion and moving on to step two you can apply your edits.

In Step 2 you will get varied results depending on what type of color correction you apply to the video. Once you are done with your edit and move on to step 3 you will then need to pick your settings for export including the bitrate. I believe Studio only exports at a Max of 50 bitrate Which is less than what they hero6 black produces. It should still look good but there will be a little bit of a drop in quality.

What settings are you using in Step 1 and then in step three for the export? Additionally, what is the resolution and framerate of the original video?