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ReelSteady FAQ

by GoPro on ‎05-29-2020 05:16 PM - edited a month ago

When I load a file it says "Invalid movie, no metadata found.". What happened?

This means that ReelSteady GO does not have the necessary gyro data in the GoPro file to stabilize. This is most likely occurring because you're using a camera or shooting mode that is unsupported. See here for a list of supported cameras and modes. Another reason could be that your camera has GPS enabled and it was unable to find any GPS satellites. Disabling your GPS in the camera's preferences will fix this.  

Can I return ReelSteady GO if I don't like it?

We provide a free watermarked evaluation copy of our software that functions identically to the paid version so that customers will know exactly what they will be getting before committing to a purchase. Because of this, we do not accept returns.

What's the difference between the Demo version and the Paid version?

The Demo version has a watermark. 

Why is my footage is still shaky after stabilization?

You could have had your GoPro's "orentation" or "landscape lock" mode set to "down" or "auto". This will cause the gyro data to be reversed. You can fix this by enabling "flip gyro data" in our advanced settings menu. Another reason could be an inaccuracy in the auto-sync process. You may want go into "adjust" mode on your sync points to check and adjust them. Another reason could be that you had in-camera stabilization on in your camera's settings. You'll need to turn all stabilization features off in your camera's options/preferences.

I'm mounting my GoPro to a drone or motor vehicle and I can't seem to fully stabilize it.  What happened?

Some GoPro models are more sensitive to vibrations than others.  It's recommended to use a Hero 6 for high vibration applications.  If you need to use a HERO5 or HERO7 Black in high vibration situations you'll need to mount your camera in a soft vibration isolating mount to get good results.  Click here to learn how.

I thought that HERO6 Black videos only needed 2 automatic sync points. Why is the automatic sync process making so many sync points on my HERO6 Black videos?

This is because your HERO6 Black is using firmware v2.0 which records lower quality gyro data than other firmware versions. You can roll back to firmware v1.6 in just a few seconds by going here and following the simple instructions. 

I loaded a file that's a 16:9 aspect ratio, why does it render it out at a much wider aspect than my original?

Click here for a visual explanation of why this happens.

I loaded a shot and it is zoomed in by a large amount. How do I fix this?

This is probably because smoothness is set too high. Reducing it will most likely will fix the problem. It's also a good idea to play with the cropping speed slider. Sometimes moving it only a small amount can fix things. Another reason for excessive zoom can be using the "horizon lock" feature. When enabled, it will keep the horizon leveled during all rolls of the camera which may require a big zoom-in to hide the image borders.

I'm seeing a bunch of blurry frames. Why?

This is most likely because the shutter speed of the camera is not high enough to eliminate motion blur due to lack of light in your scene. When shooting indoors or not it direct sunlight, it's a good idea to set the shutter speed very high manually in the protune options of your GoPro.

Sometimes when I copy a file to my hard drive and run it, it says that's it's an unsupported file, but if I run it from the sd card it works fine. Why is this?

If there are non-standard characters in your filenames or folder names like Cyrillic or other non-ascii characters, it may case problems with ReelSteady GO recognizing that it is a supported file format.