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QuikStories Troubleshooting

by GoPro ‎09-30-2019 09:33 PM - edited ‎05-13-2020 07:53 PM
QuikStories Troubleshooting

Before troubleshooting, be sure your devices meet the minimum requirements in order for QuikStories to run properly.
  • GoPro App: v4.0
  • Quik App: v4.2
  • iOS Version: 9.0
  • Android Version: 5.1
  • Camera FW: 2.51
This is a general list of issues that might happen when using QuikStories in the GoPro App.

Can’t connect to camera:
iOS and Android Devices
  • In Manual Mode: If a minute goes by and a 'pull to refresh' hasn’t started an offload, kill the app (Android: press the lower left hard button and ‘X’ out of GoPro App, iOS: double-press the home button and swipe the app away; reopen, and attempt another scan.
  • If Automatic Mode is hung up, switch to manual mode (left slide out menu > Settings > toggle QuikStories Auto Mode) and pull down on homescreen to refresh.
  • Capture something: The Bluetooth advertisement that lets the app know there is new media may have dropped inadvertently. Capturing new media should reset this Bluetooth broadcast.
  • Ensure wireless is not disabled on the camera
  • Ensure the camera of interest is paired with the phone (in case it’s the wrong camera). Attempt to see the live preview from the camera to ensure connectivity.
  • Ensure the battery charge is higher than 20% on the camera and on the phone. We suggest at least 25% battery on both.

Very slow offload:
  • If shooting higher bitrate content (4K, etc.) consider 1080 instead
  • Keep camera and phone relatively close together (10 feet or less)
  • Shooting content, viewing live preview (on app), or viewing the camera’s media gallery can suspend the offload while the camera is ‘busy’.  You won’t receive an alert if this happens.  In automatic mode, and often in manual mode, the app will resume download once the busy condition is cleared. If it doesn’t, just pull to refresh.
  • The app is designed to continue offloading in the background, so that you can check email, browse other apps, and so on while the download is happening. Sometimes the phone OS can disrupt the download. You can check the download progress on the app’s homepage, and pull to refresh if it has stopped.

Not enough space on phone:
QuikStories will fill any available space on the phone if there is enough content to copy from the camera. You can free up more space by deleting content or apps. You can also create a QuikStory from your content, then delete the raw content, freeing up space. It’s easy to add new content to an existing QuikStory manually within Quik.

Camera doesn’t shut off:
As a general rule, QuikStories respects the state it finds the camera in when offload is started. It will return the camera to the state upon which it was found prior to the offload. So if the camera is On for reasons other than offloading, and then an offload is started, QuikStories will not automatically turn Off the camera after an offload. Camera will eventually turn Off per the camera’s auto off setting (default is 15 minutes). You will hear the 7-beep shutdown if this happens.

Note also, you won't be blocked by a offload UI, in the above case we do not show the offload progress on the camera. Offload is occurring silently however. Check the app for progress of your offload.

Content is missing from QuikStory:
The HERO5 can have trouble keeping an accurate timestamp when the battery goes dead. QuikStories only transfers content up to 3 days old. If the camera date/time is wrong, content may be missing in your QuikStory.

Workaround: connect your camera to the app before you begin shooting content. Be sure to get to preview screen as well. This will help the app to set the timestamp correctly on your footage, enabling a QuikStory to occur.

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