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Quik for mobile - Supported Resolutions

by GoPro ‎09-30-2019 09:32 PM - edited ‎04-09-2021 12:42 PM
This chart shows the resolutions that should be supported in Quik for mobile for iOS devices. 

Android Devices:
Performance varies depending on your device and Android version number. 

iOS Devices:
: Resolution and frame will play back on device
: You may experience performance issues
:  Resolution and frame rate is NOT supported by device

A Quik tip about 4k footage:
4k is not supported on many devices. If you wish to edit 4k content, download the GoPro App and utilize QuikStories to transfer content. This feature will convert 4k content to 1080p in the process and you can now edit in Quik!

The maximum output of all content from Quik is 1080p/60fps. If your goal is to use Quik to edit your content, we suggest to shoot in 1080p.
MODE5/5c5s6/6+6s/6s+/SE77+88+/XXrXs/Xs Max4th genAir/mini 2/mini 3mini 4Air 25th geniPro 9.7"Pro 12.9" 1st genPro 12.9" 2nd gen/ 10.5"Touch 6th gen
480p 240fps (h264)
720p 25fps (h264)
720p 30fps (h264)
720p 30fps (hevc)
720p 50fps (h264)
720p 60fps (h264)
720p 100fps (h264)
720p 120fps (h264)
720p 240fps (h264)
720p 240fps (hevc)
960p 50fps (h264)
960p 60fps (h264
960p 120fps (h264)
1080p 24fps (h264)
1080p 25fps (h264)
1080p 30fps (h264)
1080p 30fps (hevc)
1080p 48fps (h264)
1080p 50fps (h264)
1080p 60fps (h264)
1080p 60fps (hevc)
1080p 80fps (h264)
1080p 90fps (h264)
1080p 100fps (h264)
1080p 120fps (h264)
1080p 120fps (hevc)
1080p 200fps (hevc)
1080p 240fps (hevc)
1440p 24fps (h264)
1440p 25fps (h264)
1440p 30fps (h264)
1440p 48fps (h264)
1440p 50fps (h264)
1440p 60fps (h264)
1440p 80fps (h264)
2.7K 24fps (h264)
2.7K 25fps (h264)
2.7K 30fps (h264)
2.7K 48fps (h264)
2.7K 50fps (h264)
2.7K 60fps (h264)
2.7K 100fps (hevc)
2.7K 120fps (hevc)
2.7K 4/3 24fps (h264)
2.7K 4/3 25fps (h264)
2.7K 4/3 30fps (h264)
2.7K 4/3 50fps (hevc)
2.7K 4/3 60fps (hevc)
4K 24fps (h264)
4K 24fps (hevc)
4K 25fps (h264)
4K 30fps (h264)
4K 30fps (hevc)
4K 50fps (hevc)
4K 60fps (hevc)
4K 4/3 24fps (hevc)
4K 4/3 25fps (hevc)
4K 4/3 30fps (hevc)