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Panotour 1.8 Frequently Asked Questions

by GoPro GoPro on ‎12-20-2019 01:00 AM
What is the difference between a tour from 1.8 and 2.0?
The player. 1.8 tours used a Flash player, which is slowly being less and less supported on various platforms (notably mobile devices), whereas 2.0 tours predominantly use HTML5 which work differently when viewing offline. There are also many more plugins to be used and customization possibilities.

Does Panotour Pro 2.0 open projects done with 1.8?
Yes, but it does not import all the data of the 1.8 project. Panotour Pro 2.0 is a complete rewrite, with many different concepts.

What is imported from a 1.8 project?
  • Panoramas
    • the source file(s) of the panorama
    • the name of the panorama
    • the default view of the panorama
  • Spots
    • the location of the spots
    • the tooltip of the spot
    • the target of the spot if the spot is linked to a panorama*
    • the spot view if the spot has a targeted panorama
  • Lensflares
Any other type of hotspot (image, video, sound) will be automatically converted into a navigational spot, which is the default hotspot. They will have to be recreated and replaced, either by creating new point spot styles or placing image or video spots.

How to launch a tour locally from a computer?
See the main FAQ How to launch a tour locally from a computer

How to display an image?
In Panotour there are different ways for displaying pictures
How to display a video?
This feature is available only in Panotour Pro. In Panotour Pro 2 there are different ways for displaying videos: How to add the Little Planet effect at the beginning of the tour?
This feature is available only in Panotour Pro.
In Panotour Pro 2, the Little Planet effect can be enabled only for tour start or for each panorama in Project Properties / Start Parameters

How to set the first panorama of the tour?
The first panorama of your tour will be the first panorama in the Project Properties / Order, or the first panorama in the group (which you can set in the Group Properties / Order) if you have a group in first place.

How to start and adjust autorotation?
In Panotour 2, the autorotation feature is set in Project Properties / Start Parameters
  • In Panotour 2, autorotation parameters are set only for the entire project.
  • In Panotour Pro 2, autorotation parameters can be set for each panorama.

How to add a splash screen?
In Panotour 2, you can display a splash screen to your tour in Project Properties / Start Parameters

How do I add a floorplan to be opened like it was in v1.8?
The floorplan plugin, like the rest of Panotour v.2 has gone under a lot of rewriting to offer new features a flexibility, but opening a floorplan exactly as it did in v.1.8 is not possible. The best way to emulate that effect, would be to:
  1. Create a Floorplan plugin instance, set it to display in the center of the interface.
    • You have the possibility of adding a transparent overlay behind the floorplan so that it'll close if you click outside of the floorplan
    • When configuring your floorplan, give it the advanced behavior of closing on a click.
  2. Place a simple button on your interface, and use a small version of the Floorplan graphic as the image.
  3. Give it the action of opening and closing the Floorplan.

Can I still embed all the tour's files into a single .swf Flash file?
Virtual tours created in versions 2+ of Panotour are no longer made of Flash, but rather HTML5 and include Javascript features. So for compatibility reasons with the HTML plugins, this feature is no longer available in Panotour 2.

Can I still export the tour into an iBook widget?
For compatibility reasons and because of the complexity of Panotour virtual tours, this feature is not available anymore in Panotour 2. Instead, you can consider using HTML Books.
For the offline viewing of your tours, you can also use PTViewer.

Where is the list of panoramas?
In Panotour 2, list of panoramas can be displayed with:
  • Panorama Combobox Plugin

In Panotour Pro 2, list of panoramas can be displayed with:
  • Panorama Combobox Plugin
  • List of Panoramas Plugin
I bought a Branding Free for Panotour Pro 1.8, will it still work with Panotour Pro 2.0?
Yes, the Branding Free license will work in the new version but you'll need the updated version as it's format has changed (it's now a textual license instead of a file). If you bought it from Kolor, you can find the updated license in your User Account. If you bought it from KrPano, you will have to update the license.