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Karma Grip Stuck in Recovery Mode After Updating to v1.51

by GoPro ‎09-30-2019 08:56 PM - edited ‎08-06-2020 09:40 PM
What's the issue?
After updating the Karma Grip to version 1.51 in Quik for desktop, the grip is now showing a red LED on the bottom and a blinking white LED above it. As a result, Karma Grip is no longer responsive. The image below describes how the grip will look when it's in Recovery mode:
User-added image

Where does it apply?
Quik for desktop v2.3 - Windows 7/8/8.1

How to fix it?
An easy fix for this issue will be to attempt updating the Karma Grip again, through Quik for Desktop 2.4 on a Windows 10 Machine or a Mac running OS X 10.10 or higher. You can connect the grip to the computer as normal, and should see a prompt in Quik for Desktop to run a software update on the device again. 

Once the update is complete, Quik should prompt you one more time to update the grip - please proceed with another final update. Once completed, the Karma Grip should be fully functional. If the Windows 10 machine with an updated version of Quik for Desktop is still not recognizing the Karma Grip, the computer likely needs an update for the USB driver. You can use this Windows Link to download the USB driver to be compatible with Karma Grip.  Once the drivers are downloaded you need to install the drivers. Directions on this installation process can be found in the article How to Manually Install Karma Grip Drivers​

Windows 7/8/8.1 users:
If you are not able to do the step above, then you will need to manually recover your Karma Grip using the Karma Grip Updater(See below).


Please carefully read below to make sure you follow the exact steps in which they've been listed.
  • In order to get your grip out of this non-functional state, you will need to download the Karma Grip Updater and manually run through it. You can download the updater here.
  • You will download a zip file named "karmagripupdaterinstaller_1_0_2". Extract all of the contents of this zip folder either to the default location, or to your computer's desktop. Make sure that you have the following files listed below before going forward:
User-added image

  • ​To install the Karma Grip updater, select the User-added image Windows Batch file. Do not be alarmed if your anti virus spawns a warning - this program is completely harmless to your PC. You may see a command prompt appear briefly which is also normal.
  • The installation window will appear and take you through the normal steps for installing the program the same way you would install any program. Once you're done, select the Karma Grip Updater shortcut file - User-added image - to open the program.
  • Now that the program is open, put your camera in your stabilizer, then insert the stabilizer into your grip.
  • Connect your Karma Grip to your computer using the USB-C cable. Once your grip is connected and being read by your computer, check 2 things to make sure it's being read properly.
    1. Check your Device Manager(search "Device Manager" in start menu) to make sure the grip is appearing under libusb-win32 devices.
      • User-added image
    2. In the Karma Grip Updater, you will see the Karma Grip ID appear as you see below.
      • ​​​User-added image
  • When you select the "Info" button below the Grip ID, you will most likely see the following window appear as you see below. This proves that your device is in fact having issues.
User-added image
  • The first thing that you'll want to do now is update the grip's firmware version.
    1. Click "Browse" in the main updater window
    2. In the Karma Grip Updater folder, select the application file "SLS.". Both the Grip Application and Bootloader firmware end in .img., so make sure your computer is set to display .img files.
    3. Select "Open", then verify that the application file appears under the "File" field.
    4. Click "Update" below the Browse button and then click Yes to flash the latest Karma Grip firmware.
      • User-added image
    5. Once that's done, click "Browse" once more and select the bootloader file which is "SLB.". If your bootloader version is already set to v01.01.51.00, then you do not need to update it.
      •  User-added image
    6. Now you can click the "Info" button and you should see something similar to the screenshot below:
      • User-added image