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Introducing GoPro Webcam Beta

by GoPro on ‎07-07-2020 04:53 PM - edited Thursday


How to enable GoPro Webcam Beta for MacOS

Webcam for Windows is in development

Heads up: Before getting started, you will need a microSD card reader, a USB cable, your computer and of course your HERO8 Black camera.

Here is a helpful video walkthrough of the process below!

Step 1: Update your camera

  1. Download GoPro Webcam Beta Firmware. This contains the UPDATE folder to update your HERO8 Black to support the new Webcam feature.
  2. Follow Steps A-C below to manually update your camera.
A. Insert your camera's micro SD card into your computer using micro SD card adapter or USB reader.

  User-added image               User-added image

B. Transfer the update file to your micro SD card.
User-added image

Open a new Finder window and
select downloads on the left and
find the file.
User-added image

Double click on the
file. It will create an UPDATE
User-added image

Look for your micro SD card in the
devices section in the sidebar, it will
be listed as untitled. Drag the update
folder to your micro SD card.
User-added image

Eject your micro SD card 
by selecting the eject icon.
* Be sure to drag the update folder and
not the update dot zip file 
* Do not drag any folders with numbers
to your micro SD card for example

C. Install the update on your camera.
User-added image

Be sure your camera is powered off.
User-added image

Insert your micro SD card into your
camera and power it on.
User-added image

Your camera will automatically start the
User-added image

It will beep and turn itself off
and on several times. A check 
mark on the front screen will 

let you know when it's done
 * If you get a camera UPDATE FAILED
message, remove and reinsert the
battery and restart the update from
the beginning.


Step 2: Install and launch the GoPro Webcam app

  1. Download GoPro Webcam Desktop Utility and install the software on your computer.
  2. In the Status bar, you will now see a GoPro icon
User-added image

Step 3: Connect your camera

  1.  Power on your camera and connect it to your computer via USB cable.
    • Using a USB 3.0 port on your computer will provide you with the best results to ensure you maintain battery life.  
  2. In the status bar, the GoPro icon will display a blue dot to indicate a successful connection:
User-added image

The camera will go into USB mode as shown below:
User-added image

Preview Webcam

To preview your webcam setup, click on the GoPro icon in the status bar and select “Show Preview”. This will give you the ability to understand your Wide field of view prior to going live. 

User-added image

You will now see the camera preview. You can switch  between “mirror” and “flip”

User-added imageUser-added image

Using the GoPro Webcam in your program

Open your webcam application and select GoPro Camera as your preferred camera (see below for supported programs).

Example in Zoom:

User-added image

Heads Up: If the app is already open you might need to quit and restart that application for the GoPro Camera option to be visible.

The camera will then go into GoPro Webcam mode as shown below:

User-added imageUser-added image

In the status bar, the GoPro icon will display a red dot to indicate that the camera is recording:


User-added image


Adjust resolution

To change your resolution, click on the GoPro icon in the status bar and select “Preferences”

User-added image

Here you can choose between 1080p (default) or 720p

User-added image

Adjusting the Digital Lens to affect the Field of View (FOV)

Once your camera is connected and broadcasting (showing the red dot), you can then select a different Digital Lens to change your FOV. The FOV change will take a couple of moments. 

User-added image


Here are some popular tools that support GoPro Webcam. 

  • Zoom (v 5.0.5 and newer) and Zoom Chrome Extension
  • YouTube Live (Using Chrome)
  • Webex (Using Chrome)
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype (Using Chrome)
  • Twitch via OBS
  • BlueJeans
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Snap Camera
  • Facebook Rooms

Heads Up: For Chrome support, click the Chrome’s menu button (top-right corner) -> Settings -> Privacy and security -> Site Settings -> Camera.


  • Can I use a different GoPro camera?
    • No. This feature is only for HERO8 Black (and possible future cameras)
  • Can I connect my camera wirelessly?
    • No. At this time, you must us a USB cable to connect the camera to your computer
  • Can I change my camera orientation and still have the image right-side up? 
    • Not at this time. The camera must be in an upright, horizontal position
  • Can I use Webcam Beta and GoPro Labs at the same time?
    • No. At this time, you can only have one version of the firmware installed at a time
More FAQ and troubleshooting can be found HERE.