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How to Use Reframe in the GoPro Player

by GoPro ‎10-23-2019 09:48 AM - edited ‎01-28-2021 10:01 AM

How to do it?
With GoPro Player, you can use Reframe to experiment with countless views, choose the best shots and instantly create cinematic transitions with a click of a keyframe. You can then export a traditional video or photo that you can edit and share to the world! To start working with Keyframes, open the GoPro Player and import your GoPro MAX video, then follow these simple steps:
  1. Use your mouse to click and drag along the timeline to find the spot where you'd like to start your transition.
  2. Set the angle you want, then click the Reframe - User-added image - button to open the keyframe menu.
  3. From here, you'll see the playhead on the timeline change to blue, and the icon that was once the Reframe button has now changed to Freeze Frame - User-added image.
User-added image
  1. Click the blue playhead and it will turn into a blue pencil, confirming that you've inserted a keyframe.
    User-added image

PRO TIP: A keyframe placeholder - User-added image - is kept wherever you place it on the timeline. To delete a keyframe, drag the playhead over it, click the blue pencil and then the red trash can that appears above the playhead.

    User-added image
  1. Continue to drag along the timeline, looking for your next point of interest.
  2. Set your new angle, then click the blue playhead once more to insert another keyframe
  3. You'll notice a blue dashed line that connects your two keyframes. 
    User-added image
  1. Drag the playhead over this line to change your transition type. You can choose between the following options:
    • Linear
    • Ease In
    • Ease Out
    • Ease Both
    • Jump Cut
    User-added image
  1. You should notice that you also have the option of adding motion blur to your transitions. Motion blur adds a streaking effect to moving objects in your videos, and it really cool to use during keyframes that require fast panning sequences. Feel free to play around with it and see what settings you prefer in your edits!
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​User-added image
  1. Move the timeline back to your first keyframe and press "Play" to watch your transition in action.
  2. Once you're satisfied with your first transition, Repeat the steps mentioned above until you have a buttery smooth edit!

Freeze Frame

Reframe doesn't just stop at keyframes - you can also use Freeze Frame to emphasize a cool shot in your 360 videos. Pause and extend a moment for as long as you want with Freeze Frame, then reframe for an even greater effect!

So you've got some great keyframes set up, and you want to freeze a specific shot between keyframes - here's how you do it:
  1. Find the cool shot in your edit, set it up how you want it and click the Freeze Frame - User-added image. Remember that you must first click Reframe in order to see the Freeze Frame button appear.
  2. When you click Freeze Frame, both the white logo and playhead on the timeline will turn blue. Click on the playhead once more to set your desired time, starting at 3 seconds. 
User-added image
   User-added image

PRO-TIP: Centralize your Freeze Frame inside of a keyframe transition to get the most out of this feature.