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How to Use Gauges in Quik for Desktop

by GoPro on ‎10-06-2019 09:50 PM - edited 4 weeks ago
Gauges let you add another layer to your story in Quik for desktop. Capture your GPS path, speed, elevation gain and more with any compatible GoPro when used, then apply gauges and graphs to your videos that show off your stats as the action unfolds.

Capture GPS data on your camera

To use Gauges in Quik, you need to first capture GPS data when recording with your compatible GoPro. All of GoPro's Black edition cameras, starting with HERO5 Black, can record GPS data.

Activate GPS on your HERO5/6 Black:
  • Turn on your HERO5 or HERO6 Black.
  • From the main screen, swipe down.
  • Tap Preferences > GPS > On.
  • To exit, swipe down.
Activate GPS on your HERO7 Black/Silver:
  • Turn on your HERO7 Black/Silver.
  • From the main screen, swipe down.
  • Tap Preferences > Regional > GPS > On.
  • To exit, tap the back arrow at the top of the menu.

Get a GPS Signal

*** Gauges do not work with EDITED videos, TimeWarp Video, Time Lapse Video, and Time Lapse Photos. ***

When you’re out getting a shot, make sure you have a GPS signal before you start recording. If a GPS signal is found, you should see the GPS icon turn white in the top-left corner of the camera screen (see first of three images below).

Pro Tip: To find a good signal, make sure you’re outside and away from tall structures. Hold or mount your camera so the top is facing up. In some cases it may take up to a minute to get a signal.

First image: GPS on
Second image: No GPS Signal
Third image: GPS Off

User-added image

Add gauges in Quik

HEADS UP: This feature is currently supported only on the HERO7 Black or earlier cameras. Media from newer cameras may or may not work as expected when attempting to use gauges.

  1. Import your videos to Quik
  2. Double click on a video to view it.
  3. If telemetry is present in the video, you will see a gauges icon underneath. Click on it to select gauges.  
  4. Select which gauges you’d like to display. If Quik cannot find GPS data for your video, you may see some options disabled.
  User-added image
  1. Click Save. Quik will now display the gauges you’ve selected on all videos with GPS data.   
  2. In General Settings, you can choose to have gauges in metric or imperial units.
User-added image

Gauge definitions

User-added image

INFO: This shows an overview of real-time stats as you watch your video.
  • Distance: How far you went.
  • Altitude: How high or low you are.
  • Elevation gain: How high you are from your starting altitude.
  • Date and time: The date and time the footage was captured.

SPEED TRACKER: This shows your change in speed over time. You can easily find the fastest moment by scrubbing to the “peak” of the graph.

G-FORCE: This shows the g-force you experience when you accelerate or change direction.

SPEEDOMETER: This shows how fast you were going and includes a compass to show what direction you’re heading in.

GPS PATH: This shows the route you took and your position as you move along the path.

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