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How to Set Ground-based Altitude in Dashware

by GoPro on ‎09-30-2019 05:31 PM - edited 2 weeks ago
Use Dashware's math calculator to offset the GPS-based altitude setting that your data file generated for you.
  • Dashware 1.7.37
In this example, we're working with a data file that calculates altitude based on the latitude and longitude settings(as most data loggers already do). The data logger started recording the Elevation Altitude at 859ft, but you want to set that number to 0ft to represent that Ground Based Altitude.
  • Import your Data file into Dashware and select Edit Profiles
User-added image
    • Navigate to the Calculators/Converters section at the bottom-left corner of the Profile Editor. Select the User-added image icon so you can create a new calculator. A popup window will appear, and you will select Math Calculator.

    User-added image
    • In the Math Calculator Properties window, we're setting up the calculator to ADD a constant parameter of -859 to the "Elevation Feet" data in the imported logger file. The screenshot below is setup to handle this calculation. Remember that we're using -859 as the constant parameter ONLY for this example. Your constant parameter should be the number that's needed to get your Elevation Feet value to 0ft. 
    PLEASE NOTE: You can use whatever name you'd like for the Output Value field. 
    User-added image
    • Select "OK" to save this. Now, navigate to the Column Mappings section next to Calculators/Converters and locate the column mapping that you want to set your calculator on. In this instance, we've selected the Elevation Feet column mapping since it relates to the data that we want to set our parameter on. Once you've selected the proper mapping, click the User-added image icon to edit it.

    User-added image
    • On the next screen, select the dropdown next to Input Data Column and scroll down to the bottom of the list. The Output Value that you set on your calculator will be listed there. In this case, our Output Value is Ground Based in Feet.
    User-added image
    • Select OK, then select Apply and OK on the Data Profile Editor to close it out.
    • You should see your Add Data File window at this point. Click Add and then add your gauge to the project to confirm that the calculations worked out successfully.
    BEFORE ==> User-added image
    AFTER ==> User-added image