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How do I Find the GoPro Player Version Number?

by GoPro GoPro 2 weeks ago - edited 2 weeks ago
What are you trying to do?
Locate the version number of both the GoPro Player and MAX Exporter
Where does it apply?
  • GoPro Player - macOS
  • GoPro MAX Exporter - Windows

How to do it?

GoPro Player - macOS

  • While the application is opened, click GoPro Player at the top on the menu bar and select "About GoPro Player"

User-added image


GoPro MAX Exporter - Windows

  1. Open the Settings menu by either searching for it next to the start menu button or by using the 'Windows key + I' shortcut

  2. Select "Apps"

User-added image

  1. Next, select "GoPro MAX Exporter" and click "Advanced Options" The version number will appear on the following page.

User-added image