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How Do I Get the Most Out of 720p240?

by GoPro ‎09-30-2019 05:32 PM - edited ‎01-28-2021 10:04 AM

How to do it?
With the introduction of 720p240 fps, you now have the ability to get extremely smooth slow motion footage in high definition! The majority of digital video plays back at 30 frames per second (fps), and most cinematic productions playback at 24 fps. If the frame rate is decreased below 24 fps, the human eye can begin to detect the gaps between frames (think of video as a flip book, in which each video frame is a page flipping past your eye). Here lies the benefit of 240 fps at 720p HD—you can now record your epic backflip and view it at a staggering 10% of the original playback speed, incredibly smoothly. 

Here's how:

  1. When in VIDEO capture mode, press the side SETTINGS/TAG button to access the mode’s contextual menu. 
  2. Press the front MODE button one time to highlight your resolution setting. 
  3. Press the top SHUTTER button until “720” is displayed. 
  4. Press the front MODE button one time to highlight your frame rate (FPS) setting. 
  5. Press the top SHUTTER button until “240” is displayed.
  6. Press the side SETTINGS/TAG button once (or select EXIT) to return to VIDEO capture mode.  


  • You may notice that the Field of View (FOV) is limited to Narrow (N) while shooting in this mode. Because of this, we recommend using the GoPro App or the LCD Touch BacPac while first experimenting with this setting—this will allow you become accustomed to the FOV and ensure that you get your subject in the frame. 
  • This mode is amazingly powerful when looking to capture gear-mounted shots, follow-camera and selfie footage in slo-mo. However, due to the narrow FOV, the mode might not be best utilized for Point-of-View video.
  • The higher the frame rate (in any given mode), the lesser amount of time the camera’s sensor has to register the available light within a scene. There is often a trade off, depending on the shooting scenario, between achieving solid exposure in your video and having a high enough frame rate to slow footage down while editing. Due to the fast frame rate in 720p240 fps, the mode is best suited for situations where copious amounts of lighting are present. 
  • We recommend keeping our SD card recommendations in mind as the camera is recording at a high data rate (akin to 1080p120 fps, 2.7K60 or 4K30). You want to ensure that you’re using an SD card capable of capturing all of that amazing video!