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GoPro Quik: How to Resolve Crashing or Freezing Issues

by GoPro ‎09-30-2019 08:55 PM - edited ‎03-16-2021 10:26 AM
What's the issue?
GoPro Quik crashes, freezes up, or closes unexpectedly.

Where does it apply?
  • GoPro Quik

How to fix it?

General Troubleshooting and Best Practices

  • Ensure that GoPro Quik and mobile device are up to date with their latest versions (be sure to restart your mobile device after GoPro Quik updates).
  • Force close the app and re-open it, then check to see if the crashing or freezing still occurs.
  • Force close other apps that may be running, but you are not using. This may allocate more memory to GoPro Quik for improved performance. 
  • The GoPro Camera Name may have a special character (e.g. ¥, £, ü, etc) in it. If this is the case, you'll need to delete the camera option from the app and re-pair the camera to your device. You'll be given the chance to rename the camera during the pairing process.
  • (Android Only) Clearing your app cache can help resolve some general crashing issues in GoPro Quik. Here are the steps:
    1. Open the Settings of your phone.
    2. Tap the Storage heading to open its settings page. If your phone runs Android Oreo or earlier, you'll want to open the App Manager settings page.
    3. Tap the Other Apps heading to see a list of your installed apps.
    4. Find the application you want to clear the cache of and tap its listing.
    5. Tap the Clear cache button.

Crash while importing media

  1. Use multiple file types to determine if specific media types cause the crash. For example, if importing videos cause the app to crash, then try again with some photos or time lapses.
  2. Check the file size resolution of the media being imported
    • If 4k 30 imports cause the app to crash, try importing a 1080/30 video and see if the crash persists. It may be possible that your mobile device has a chipset that is under spec.
    • In addition, be mindful that HEVC content (4k – 60fps, 2.7k – 120fps, 1080 – 240fps) is only supported on high end mobile devices.

Crash while editing a story

  1. Check the resolution and FPS of the videos you’re editing. If your app crashes while editing HEVC files, then try editing non-HEVC files to see if the crash reoccurs. Crashing only when editing HEVC files could be a sign that your mobile device’s hardware could be under spec.
  2. Should the app only crash when enabling a setting or theme, then the issue could be related to the app itself and should be reported to GoPro customer support

Crash while exporting a story

This can be caused by exporting media that’s either too demanding for your mobile device or corrupt and can’t be used at all. A few things to look out for:
  • Be mindful that editing HEVC content with an under-spec mobile device can cause this issue to occur. Always test an export with a 1080p – 30fps video to determine whether the file or GoPro Quik is the root cause.
  • If your story export crashes at the same point each time(ex: the export always fails at 50%), then chances are there’s a corrupt file halfway into your story.

Crash with 360 media

  1. Ensure you are using a phone that meets our minimum system requirements for editing 360 media.
  2. Try editing/exporting with a brand new 360 file.
  3. If the crash occurs with 360 video, check to see if the issue also occurs when saving a 360 photo or a regular video.
  4. Check the keyframes you have created. Try removing or moving some keyframes and then export/save again.

Still having trouble?

Please contact GoPro Support and provide the following information. We will gladly do everything we can to get you up and running with GoPro Quik:
  • A brief description of your issue and what you have tried
  • Camera Model and firmware version (e.g. HERO6 v1.60)
  • Phone Model (e.g. iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8)
  • Mobile OS (e.g. iOS 10.1 or Android 5.1)
  • Carrier (e.g. Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc.)
  • GoPro Quik version