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GoPro Quik: How to Create A Multi-Clip Edit

by GoPro ‎09-30-2019 05:36 PM - edited ‎03-16-2021 09:25 AM

How to do it?


Start an Edit

Choose which media you’d like to use for your edit. Select your media from any of the following areas within the app. 

From the Home page - User-added image

Tap on the blue button in the bottom right corner to choose media from your app, phone or GoPro subscription account.


Download media from your camera and tap a suggested edit from the top of the page to launch the editor.

From the Media Gallery - User-added image

Use the select button or long-press on Android, to select media from your GoPro app gallery, then tap on the User-added image button on the bottom left corner to start editing.

From Download Screen (Android Only) - User-added image

After downloading media from your GoPro, Android users can tap the “Create a Story” button to launch the editor using the content offloaded from their camera.

More Info

  • You can choose individual media items, or tap the checkbox next to the date header to select all of the media specific to that particular day.
  • When passed to the editor, media is ordered chronologically, unless an order is specified.
  • Multi-clip edits are limited to 75 media items or less.
  • Media selected from GoPro subscription requires connection to the internet.

Unsupported Media Formats

  • 360 Media
  • 4K 4:3 Video
  • Timelapse Photo or Burst Groups


Timeline + Editing Media - User-added image

The first icon in the editor is the TIMELINE tool, which gives you the ability to reorder the clips in your story however you like. Simply long press on a thumbnail to drag + drop to reorder or delete media from your video.

While in the Timeline tool, you can also add more media, edit media you’ve already added or create text slide transitions. 

To ADD - User-added image - more media to your story, just hit the + button. 

To EDIT - User-added image - the media in your story, tap the edit pencil on the item you’d like to adjust. This is where you HERO8 and GoPro MAX users can take advantage of Horizon leveling!

Themes - User-added image

The Themes tool allows you to choose from a range of Themes that quickly apply various effects and styles to your video. 

Each Theme has several Variations that give you the ability to fine-tune your edit. You can change variations by tapping on the pencil icon of the selected Theme tile. Try creating your own personal variation by mixing different fonts and graphics. 

Music - User-added image

The Music tool gives you the ability to set the tone of your edit, however you like. Tap User-added image to choose and download from over 100 tracks, organized by mood. Or, import your own music from your device library.
  • You can tap the icon on the album artwork to adjust the starting point of the music track. 
  • Imported music can be removed from the app from Settings.
  • It isn't possible to loop or import more than one song in a multi-clip edit, so if your track is shorter than your edit, there will be no music at the end.

NOTE: If the track is DRM protected it cannot be imported. Music bought on iTunes between 2003 and 2009 had DRM protection. This protection prevents the app from downloading the song to be used in your video.

Story Length - User-added image

The Story Length tool allows you to adjust the global duration of your video. It does not accelerate or slow down your included media clips. Instead, it changes the amount of time certain elements are displayed within your story.

Format - User-added image

The Format tool changes the global aspect ratio for your edit, allowing you to optimize your project for whichever platform you’re planning to share it on.

Save, Export + Share


When you’ve finished working on your story, tap the SAVE button in the top right corner. 


After tapping on a saved story from the home page, tap the Export - User-added image - button in the top right corner, and choose “Save to Phone” to have your video saved to your device’s media application. You can also choose to share your story wherever you like. Story export quality is now automatically set to 1080p / 60 FPS.

Note: If you are logged in with your GoPro Subscription account, videos that are exported to your phone will also be uploaded to the cloud automatically. 

Keep in mind: with the power of GoPro Quik, your story drafts no longer expire. That means you can continue to edit your story as often as you like.

Crash Recovery

Were you working on an edit and your app crashed? Not to worry - you can recover your project and pick up where you left off! Please note that your project will be recovered based on your last confirmed change to the project. There is no autosave feature in GoPro Quik.

You'll receive the following prompt when you relaunch the app:
User-added image