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GoPro Quik: 360 Media Support

by GoPro ‎10-17-2019 05:52 PM - edited ‎03-16-2021 11:27 AM
I want to buy a mobile device that will allow me to easily playback and edit 360 on the go in GoPro Quik. What do you suggest?

Where does it apply?
  • GoPro Quik - iOS & Android

With unbreakable stabilization, state-of-the-art stitching algorithms and GoPro’s industry-leading image quality, GoPro MAX and GoPro Fusion push the limits of what a camera can capture. The challenge is that they also push—and can often exceed—what your mobile device is capable of handling. 

Because the majority of mobile devices are capable of pairing and remotely controlling GoPro MAX and Fusion, we will now support connectivity to most* mobile devices. Older or less capable devices may be able to connect and control these cameras, but with limitations to features including playback and Reframe of 360 media.

In order to take advantage of the full capabilities of 360 content in GoPro Quik, we recommend the following minimum system requirements: 


System Requirements


GoPro MAX and Fusion are compatible with iOS devices with A10 chips and above (iPhone 7 and newer) 

* Fusion + MAX 360 Modes NOT Supported on devices below:

  • iPhone 6 + iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPod Touch 6th gen.
  • iPad Air (2013)
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3


GoPro MAX and Fusion are compatible with Android devices running Android 8.0, that support OpenGL ES 3.1 or higher. While specific device implementations vary from one manufacturer to another, recommended device chipsets include:
  • Kirin 980 and newer
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and newer
  • Exynos 9810 and newer
Keep in mind that, particularly on Android, other factors present on the device can affect performance, even when recommended hardware requirements are met.


Saving 360

Most iOS and Android media gallery apps do not natively support 360 media. This means that we cannot save 360 content directly to those applications, but your 360 content will always be saved directly within GoPro Quik. Deleting the GoPro application will remove this content from your device. 


Sharing 360

You can share your 360 videos from GoPro Quik directly, but different social platforms will have different length limitations for your videos. That’s because 360 video sharing is a resource-intensive activity. It not only demands a lot from your mobile device but also from the platform to which you are sharing, so either the platform or the operating system limits the length at which 360 videos can be shared via GoPro Quik. If you try to share a clip that is too long for a given platform, we’ll let you know how much needs to be trimmed.