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Autopano Video and GoPro Omni Frequently Asked Questions

by GoPro GoPro on ‎12-20-2019 01:00 AM
Can I use any GoPro HERO4 camera with Omni?
No, you need to use GoPro HERO4 Black cameras. Other GoPro camera models are not supported.

Can I use HERO5 Black cameras with Omni?
The inner cube of the Omni Sync Rig connects to the six HERO4 Black cameras via the 30-pin HEROBus connector. This HEROBus connection provides the synchronization and multi-camera operation of Omni. The HERO5 Black camera does not feature a 30-pin HEROBus connector and so it cannot be used with Omni.

Do I need special firmware for the cameras I use with Omni?
Yes. Omni synchronization requires HERO4 Black cameras loaded with the appropriate array camera firmware (see below). 

How do I update the firmware on my HERO4 Black cameras?
You will be placing the secondary camera firmware on five of the microSD cards and the primary camera firmware on one of the microSD cards. Insert the first five microSD cards into cameras #2 through #6, power them individually and let them run the update. Once this update is completed, insert the microSD card containing the primary camera firmware into camera #1 and power it on. It will update both the camera and the Omni inner cube.

Can I use array firmware cameras without the Omni Rig?
HERO4 Black cameras that have array firmware installed will still work without Omni, but some of the resolutions, frame rates and white balance selections will not appear because the firmware only displays specific settings for use in creating spherical video.

Settings you can manage :
  • WB: native/3000/5500/6500
  • Colors: flat/GoPro
  • ISO limit: 400 to 6400
  • Sharpness: low/medium/high
  • EV compensation: -2 EV to +2 EV
  • Modes: 2.7K @ 30-25fps / 1440p @ 60-50fps / 960p @120 fps

Can I use Omni with my existing GoPro mounts and accessories?
We don’t recommend using Omni with standard GoPro mounts and accessories. The Omni Rig with six cameras is heavier than the single GoPro cameras the mounts and accessories were designed for. Omni uses industry standard ¼-20 threaded inserts, so it can be used with a wide variety of mounting solutions.

Can I control my Omni from my phone using the GoPro App?
No. Sorry, this feature is not available for Omni, but you can use the GoPro Smart Remote for remote control of Omni.

Can I use Omni with Karma?
The weight of Omni is higher than the payload capacity of Karma; do not attempt to fly Omni using Karma. If you wish to fly Omni, be sure to select a drone that can sufficiently support the weight of Omni. Omni weighs approximately 1.05kg / 2.32 lb with cameras and batteries installed.

Can I use Omni for handheld work?
While you may use Omni in handheld shooting, be aware that if the camera is too close to you, stitching artifacts may appear. It’s always best to keep Omni as far from you as possible, such as at the end of pole.

Can I use Omni in high-vibration shooting scenarios?
You should avoid using Omni in high-vibration shooting scenarios if you’re not using image stabilizers. These shooting scenarios include, but are not limited to, helicopters, go-karts, speedboats, roller coasters, etc.

How can I tell if there’s a problem with Omni while I’m shooting?
If a red LED is flashing on the primary camera and an Array Error prompt appears on the primary camera in Omni, check the secondary cameras for errors and improper connections. To identify the secondary camera that’s experiencing the error, check its light on the inner cube.

If there is no light on the inner cube:
  • The camera has no battery installed or the battery needs charging
  • The camera isn’t running array camera firmware or it’s running a different firmware version than the other cameras in the array

If the red light on in the inner cube is blinking:
  • The camera has no microSD™ card
  • The camera’s microSD™ card has an error

Be sure to resolve any issues before attempting to record.

How is sound handled?
When you render your stitched sequence in Autopano Video Pro, you will have the opportunity to choose which camera provides the sound that will be included in your file.

How long can I film with Omni?
In 1440p at 60 fps, the 32GB cards allow you to record approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes of footage. The GoPro in-camera batteries will last approximately 45 minutes. The external power solution (provided with the Omni - All Inclusive package) allows you to operate Omni for more than 2 hours.

Why is pixel-level synchronization so important?
Even half a frame of difference between two videos becomes apparent in a moving shot when stitched. Synchronization allows you to produce better videos more easily.

Do I need a super powerful computer to work with 360° video?
While it will certainly make your post-production faster, it’s not an absolute necessity. Click here for minimum system requirements of Autopano Video.

I see two options when I open the Omni Importer application, “SEARCH ON SD CARDS” and “LOCATE YOUR FOOTAGE.” How and when should I use these options?
The “SEARCH ON SD CARDS” option in the Omni Importer is a great choice if you’re working on a project and want to quickly review content on set during production. For most projects, and especially when dealing with a large volume of content, you may find it best to transfer your footage from the microSD cards onto your local storage for backup and then use the “LOCATE YOUR FOOTAGE” option.

Why does my footage look “washed out” and not vibrant like typical GoPro footage?
The default recording mode for Omni uses a Flat color setting and a Native white balance setting to produce optimal stitching results in a variety of shooting scenarios. These default settings produce images that can be color corrected in post-production using your chosen non-linear editing application or color correction application. If you enable Protune™, you can change settings as desired for ISO, color, white balance and EV values. Careful selection of these settings may allow you to produce video that will be ready for use without any further adjustments or color correction in postproduction.

I see “ghosting” in some of my stitched footage from the Omni Importer. Why is that and what can I do?
The Omni Importer uses an advanced algorithm that attempts to provide the best possible stitching of the image based on the content in the scene. In many cases, the Omni Importer’s smooth blending, as opposed to sharp blending, produces desirable results. In some cases, items may be too close to the camera resulting in parallax issues. In other cases, the majority of the scene may be at one distance from the cameras, while other elements of the scene may be at a different distance. If you notice “ghosting” due to these issues, you may make changes via the blend selections and masking options in Autopano® Video Pro. To make the process of refining your shot easier, the Omni Importer application produces an Autopano Video Pro project file (.kava). You can open this project file to further refine your shot.

Do I have to take Omni apart to charge the batteries?
No. There are two ways to charge in-camera batteries on Omni without removing cameras from the rig. One option is to insert mini-USB cables into the cameras while they are in the rig. The other option is to insert the external power into the inner cube of the rig. In both cases, be sure that Omni is powered off first.

Note: Do not switch from one power source to another (camera batteries to external power or external power to camera batteries) without first powering off the cameras. Failure to follow this guideline can lead to unexpected powering off, interrupted recordings and erratic Omni behavior.

I took apart my Omni and now I’m not sure which camera was the #1 or primary camera. Is that a problem?
No, it’s fine. The six cameras don’t have specific locations. Any camera with the Omni array firmware may become the primary camera once it’s inserted into the #1 position.

What if I lose or break something?
If you lose or break any component of the Omni Rig, be sure to contact GoPro Customer Support for help. Because of Omni’s modular design, most items can be replaced if damaged. If you have an issue with a third-party accessory included with the Omni - All Inclusive package, be sure to contact the respective manufacturer for support or parts replacement.