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Autopano Video Solutions

by GoPro GoPro on ‎12-20-2019 01:01 AM
This page lists all the known issues with Autopano Video and their solutions.

Software troubleshooting
 On Mac
Restore default settings

Here is how to completely restore the default settings:
  • Delete the preference files -
    • Close Autopano Video
    • Go to the Finder menu > Go
    • Open the Library
      • OSX 10.6 and below: the library is displayed and available directly on the menu
      • OSX 10.7 and above: the library is hidden, hold Alt key to display it on the menu
    • Go to the Preferences folder
    • Find and remove the files called com.kolor.autopanovideo***.plist
    • Empty the recycle bin
  • Delete the cached preference files - Certain MacOS versions cache their .plist files, which stops the settings from going back to default. If your settings are not resetting, follow these steps:
    • Launch a command terminal (Applications > utilities > terminal or search for Terminal on your Mac (it should be the first result)
    • Type or copy in this command (in bold): defaults delete "com.kolor.AutopanoVideoPro22" where 2.2 is the version of Autopano Video Pro that you have installed
  • Check the original preference files haven't been restored by going back to your library, remove the remaining .plist files if they were recreated.

On Windows
Multiple GPUs

If you own an integrated Intel GPU and a NVidia card, you can select which GPU to use with Autopano (or any other application) on Windows:
  • Right-click on your Desktop
  • Select NVidia control panel
  • Then select Autopano Video to be used with the NVidia GPU.

Integrated Intel graphic cards:

 If the program crashes, this can be due to a wrong video card driver. Download it and update/install the driver (see above)

If you have selected GPGPU engine (NVidia CUDA) in Preferences and the job in the Batch render queue never starts, that means your NVidia video card is not powerful enough. We recommend at least a GTX 760.
Save your project and choose GLSL engine (OpenGL). Restart Autopano Video, open the Batch renderer and drag & drop your .kava file to the window.

Codecs pack
If you have any codecs pack installed on your system, it can create issues. We recommend to remove it.

GoPro Cameras
Recovering your files

There is an "SD error" on the GoPro , accidentally deleted some important files or your SD card is simply unreadable ?
There is a powerful solution for you : Test Disk.
And they also provide a complete documentation here:

Troubleshooting - Using the software
When I click on Edit nothing happens
You need to use Autopano Pro/Giga alongside Autopano Video.This is specified on both the product page on the main Kolor website and the online store.
You can download them from our Downloads Center.

If you already have Autopano Pro/Giga installed, read I have Autopano Pro/Giga installed but nothing happens when I click on Edit?

I have Autopano Pro/Giga installed but nothing happens or other software opens when I click on Edit?
Your ".pano" file extension is not linked with Autopano Pro/Giga anymore, you should have the same problem when you try to open a ".pano" file from your OS explorer. To fix this:
  • on Windows
    • Right-click on a ".pano" file -> open with -> choose default program -> select the last version of Autopano Giga
  • on Mac OS
    • Right-click on a ".pano" file -> open with -> other -> select the last version of Autopano Giga and check the box "always open with".

Further hints :
  • Are you files located on a distant server? If so, copy them on your local system and try again.
  • Does you files/directory contain some special characters (space, accented character, ...)? If so, remove them and try again.

Saving changes in Autopano does not update in Autopano Video
There are a few things to check that can and will cause this problem:
  • Are all the source videos in the same folder? And the project file too?
  • Is there any space or special characters in the folder name / video name / project name / filepath?
  • Are you working on a network or external drive? If so, copy all the files on a local drive and test.

Also make sure you fully understand how Autopano Video works:
  • Are you in the correct tab for applying the changes you want:
    • If you need to change the stitch/stabilization/color correction/Mask ... => stitching tab
    • If you need to change the projection/crop ... => authoring tab
For instance on the screenshot below trying to change the projection in APG while being in the stitching tab in AVP (red circle on screenshot below) will result in no changes being applied.
  • Are you trying to edit when you are located in a transition between states?
    • Indeed, only states in blue can be modified in APG. That is to say that on the screenshot below, only changes in Mask and Stitch made in APG are going to be applied to AVP because those two tracks are currently in an editable state (blue). Changes related to Colors or the Horizon will be discarded since the current moment is not located to a blue state in those timelines (as shown below).
Also, using Mask tool, you must choose ISO blending in APG to be sure changes will be applied in AVP, and Sharp blending in AVP.
User-added image

Changing the projection or cropping does not take effect in Autopano Video
You need to be in Authoring mode to change the projection or to crop your video.

Using Mask tool in Autopano Giga does not take effect in Autopano Video
You cannot see any effects of your masks because you are using a smooth blending (DIAMOND), so in APG go into the blend icon, blending: multiband, level -2, cutting ISO, no Weighting. In AVP, blend -> sharp. In the Timeline, Stitching tab must be selected as well and only states in blue can be modified in APG in order to be saved in AV afterwards. Then you should be able to push the seams.

Autopano Video crash when you save the project
If you own a Dell computer, uninstall Dell Backup and Recovery. In Autopano Video, unticked "Use system file browser" in the general settings tab. Re-launch Autopano Video

My synchronization is good but it looks unsynchronized/there are seam issues
This is probably due to the rolling shutter of your cameras. The rolling shutter results in a little desynchronization between the top and the bottom of each frame. And when you stitch two videos subject to this "internal desynchronization" it gives you the illusion that your videos are not synchronized.
This side effect of the rolling shutter is accentuated in very bright light environments (sun light), one of the solutions is to limit the light entering in the camera lenses. For that you can use a ND filter. Using such filters will also reduce the bad capture effect of plane propellers.

Why is there a yellow warning sign in the cameras timeline?
This warning sign  is due to the activation of the smart cutting, and the smart cutting is not compatible with the camera interpolations (the transitions and the motion compensation). This cutting mode is recommended only when you have a static camera and a pretty static subject/scene.
You need to change the cutting mode to ISO. This can be set in the weighting section of the blend window of Autopano Video, and also in the preview tab of the Autopano editor.

Assertion failed at core/pushencoder.cpp(429) - Invalid state
User-added image
The "Assertion failed at core/pushencoder.cpp(429) - Invalid state" error is sent by the encoder meaning that your settings don't fit in a "standard MP4 preset" or that your output folder doesn't exists. This also could be due to a high FPS, a bad size (too large or not multiple of 16), a too large bitrate... You also have to make sure that the framerate you ask for fit into the output standard (PAL or NTSC)

The first thing to check is that your output folder exists and that you have the write rights on this folder. You also have to make sure that your settings fit in a standard level of the MP4/h.264 norm, see the section "Levels" of the wiki article:

GoPro VR Plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro
 On Mac and  Windows

  • After I update Premiere Pro, the plugins are not available anymore
    • You can now download a standalone GoPro VR Plugins free package that contains our 3 plugins (GoPro VR Horizon, GoPro VR Horizon Layer and GoPro VR Horizon Reframe) and install it

 On Mac and  Windows
  • Rendering high FPS footages
    • If the FPS of your source videos are higher than 60fps, you will not be able to render the video with the FPS of your original video. You will get a memory leak which can make the application crash.
      Choose FPS: as preset option in the render window
  • Application crashes during startup on some Windows systems
    • We are not able to reproduce this issue on our own Windows 10 configurations. So, we cannot offer any workaround or solution yet. In general, remove pre-installed application provided by the manufacturer. Most of them are useless and create conflicts (Dell Backup and recovery tool, MSI Nahimic, Sonic suite 2 provided with some Asus motherboards, etc)
  • Stitch and patch
    • If you have added a patch (a still image) you cannot reuse the stitching tool of AVP. If you want to stitch again a part of the timeline, you must re-optimize with APG (so you can’t use the range stitching for improving a part of a project)
  • Saving your files with the Omni Importer
    • You can encounter some problems saving your files. This is a known bug which can occurs sometimes. Please install the latest version of AVP 2.5.2.

 On Mac
  • The timeline cursor freezes
    • We are not able to reproduce this bug, however closing and re-opening AVP seems to be the trick.