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didn't get the free battery or SD card cost me $$$
didn't get the free battery or SD card cost me $$$

I didn't get a free battery or a free memory card when I ordered my GoPro hero 9. and the price changed when I finally received my gopro in the mail, they really ripped me off, the price said, 299.99 like it does today and it ended up costing over $519.97 when i finally saw the invoice, it said something like 4hundred and change when i started and i was ok with that but the price went up by $100 and i have no way to contact them at all. they charged me 49.99 for 32 gig memory sd card, and 19.99 for the battery...i even signed up to GoPro for 50 a year...WTF kind of scam are they running here!?! Has anyone eles gone threw this, i feel like i should get a lawyer on them.

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