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Literally appalling customer service - You have lost a good customer GoPro!

So after years of faithful ownership 4 Gopro's later i am officially mortified with the customer service received in the past 4 days. 


Started with my Hero3 black needing an update. 


Website wont give me the update ZIP file so off i call customer services. 

"no problem you just need to buy an SD card reader as the computer isn't picking up your go pro" 

So i buy an SD card reader.... gues what after 3 days of trying to speak with GoPro live chat its still not working. 


Finally get hold of someone at 9am this morning the day before i fly to the North Face Mountain Festival that a manager will escalate and call me back by lunch.... 

4.45pm still no call and been trying live chat since 1pm today! 


Finally get hold of a supervisor to be told, we are aware of the issue and its going to take a couple of days to fix... 


No point in this conversation over 4 days has anyone admitted GO PRO at fault until now...

Now told basically my Hero3 black is useless for my holiday! GREAT thanks GO PRO. 


Good thing i didnt spend that £1400 on a GoPro Karma last week... I think i will go buy a DJI and swap over to a competitor.


I will be letting everyone know that you ignore facebook messages, Twitter messages and after 3 hrs of being told 1st in the queue on live chat being disconnected immediately as its 5pm and your team obviously wanted to go home...






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Re: Literally appalling customer service - You have lost a good customer GoPro!
Go with DJI depends on what you get but much lighter than the Karma.
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Re: Literally appalling customer service - You have lost a good customer GoPro!

So it would seem i'm not the only one to be affected by poor levels of customer service from GoPro.


20 days ago I saw an ad for their Trade Up offer (trade in your old digi camera and get £100 off a GoPro Hero 7 Black). I've wanted a Go Pro for years and this offer meant i could finally afford 1.


 I placed the order on 11.07.2019 and 19 days later i was still waiting despite over 7 hours talking to them onchat and over 2 hours on the phone.


 Yesterday i was told to cancel the order on the trade up offer and they would issue me with a 25% off code and to buy it again. So this morning i did. Needless to say, they now cant find my new order.


 I ordered the camera 20 days ago because it was going to be a present for my wife for the day of our honeymoon. They say they have cancelled the trade up order but it's still showing as "pending" on their website. So at the min, I could be paying for 2 cameras, of which I  don't physically have.


 I have emailed the CEO and everyone else i could find details for link to GoPro and still no response.


 I have honestly NEVER had this low level of customer service in my life.


 Who would have thought that it would be that hard to give a company £379 and get a camera in return?!


 I'm now running out of time to buy the accessories for before  we go on our honeymoon (in 10 days time). i am unwilling to buy the accessories until I physically have the camera because knowing my luck the camera wont arrive in time & i'll be left with accessories that I cannot use.


 I write this in the hope that someone @ GoPro will read it and understand all the issues i've encountered and help me get one of the 2 camera's that i've paid for within 10 days from now.