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Ignored by cosutmer support



Wonder if the same happend to anyone and what would you do in this situation.

Broke one tab on my hero+. The same day callled costumer support and after explainning what happened the emailed me back. After sending gopro everything they requested to replace the camera, never heard from them again (???). I'll paste the exchanged emails under the subjet of Broken Tabs [ ref:_00Do0HJuF._500o0QpNNd:ref ].




Hi Filipe,

As agreed, I am sending you this email in order to collect the necessary information, regarding the broken tabs on your Housing.

Please answer us back with a brief description as well as with the following:

- Photos of the broken part;
- Photos of the mount you were using;
- Photos of where the camera was mounted;
- Proof of purchase.

Once I'm able to look into this information,
I will get back to you.

Best Regards,

GoPro Support







So this morning I surfed with my gopro attached to my surfboard (see picture) in the end when I was unscrewing the camera from its mount I noticed one of the tabs broke during the session. Fortunely the remaining one held the camera untill I was on firm ground.
Also attaching a simplified recipt of purchase.  Tomorrow I'm contacting the retailer so I can send you a detailed recipt.
Meanwhile if you need more pictures or anything else, please let me know.
Best regards,
Filipe M Cardoso
P.S. : please forgive my poor english, but it's not my native language
(pictures attached)
Me (again):
Found the camera box with the the price tag and the code 10113903263 as seen on the recipt I sent earlier. 
(picture attached)
Me (again...):
I'm attaching .pdf file with containing proof of purchase.
For further info, please let me know.
(.pdf attached)
Hi Filipe,

Thank you for the data you sent me.

I will be happy to replace the camera for you.

I will also be sending you a new thumbscrew, for safety's sake, as I can see that the original one looks a bit rusty and, this way, you will have a spare one, should you need it in time.

In order to replace the current camera, we will need you to send it to our storage facilities. Once it arrives at our warehouse, a new one will be sent out to you.

To get this process going, I just need a couple more details:

- Camera's Serial Number;
- Your street address and phone contact.

Once I have these, I will send you the instructions on how to send your camera out to us, along with a link to print the pre-paid UPS shipping label.

I will await your reply.

Best Regards,

GoPro Support
Please correct me if I'm wrong,
I believe the serial number is:
(picture attached)
Forgot to include my adress and phone number
xxxxxxx Porto
Cell phone:
00351 xxx xxx xxx
Me (insisting):
Again,, sending my adress and phone along with cameras serial number and picture to confirm.
Me (desperate for an answer):
It has been two weeks , since last time I emailed you with the data you requested. Still waiting for your reply, with the instructions on how to proceed with my broken camera.