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GoPro Order Nightmare

My journey through the online ordering process at started Monday 30th November, which I can only be akin descending through Dante’s nine circles of hell.

For my birthday, my wife has got me a GoPro hero 9. I took advantage of their cyber Monday deal and order it online and paid for it through PayPal. I receive the confirmation form PayPal and the money went out of my bank. At this time, I did not receive an order confirmation form GoPro, I thought this was strange, but I gave it 24 hours for it to come through.

Tuesday 1st December. I still had no confirmation of my order, so I contacted support. After waiting nearly an hour for a representative on chat to become available, it took him sometime to ascertain that no order had been created and he had to trace the PayPal payment.  He created and sent me an order confirmation and advised that delivery and tracking details will come through to me in 24-48 hours. He apologised and offered me a gift of a Chesty mount.

Thursday 3rd December. No delivery information or tracking details have come through.  Again, I contact support. The wait time is less this time, but I am connected to a representative who is less that helpful and proceeds to repeatedly state that the order needs to be confirmed on the link in the order confirmation emails. There was no link anywhere, at this point he abruptly says he will have to escalate it and ends the chat. At this point I take a closer look at the order confirmation emails.

The top line of the email does not state the order has been received at GoPro but “SiteGenesis” these are links but when clicked on the pages do not exist. So, proceeding further I clicked on the product links this took me directly to what appears to be the backend of the order/stock system a site called ForgeRock Access Management System form here I can accept the licence agreement and create admin access. Being from an IT background I considered this to be serious, so I contacted support again requesting a call back. Sometime later I got a call again I had to explain the issues and I told them of what I have been able to access the representative told me she would have to call me back as she would need to see here line manager. you guessed it she did not. I contacted support again and spent an hour going through things only to be told they had and issue with their systems and could not get to the orders. I uploaded screen shots on what I was seeing (the ForgeRock Access Management System) to be told that is what they were getting too. The representative eventually stated that there was nothing she could do and would have to call me back tomorrow.

Friday 4th December. No call backs, no email updates, no delivery information.

At this time have am down hundreds of pounds I have no reliable order confirmations; I have no idea when or if my GoPro will be delivered. I have placed a complaint in on their web site to which I have had no response.

 I have written this as a serious warning to anybody ordering directly form GoPro, JUST DON’T, buy from Amazon it might be more expensive but you will have more chance of getting what you have ordered.

My decent through the nine circles continues.

GoPro Order1.JPG