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Customer support DOESNT KNOW ANYTHING!!!!

Today, Nov 12, 2019, I have had the VERY UNFORTUNATE experience of calling GoPro Plus support, three times today! If I did my job and knew as little as these folks do, I would be fired. 


GoPro should be ashamed of themselves sending this support to the Philippines to save a buck! To give you an idea, 1 US Dollar = 45-50 Filipino pesos, so they are sending support over there to get cheap labor!  I know this b/c I am Filipino, and I am ashamed of how little these people know.


Not a single one of the Customer Service Reps knows anything about the product they "support"!!!! It took over 18 min to get a simple question answered. Then it took another 6 mins to tell me that the supervisor was "on a supervisor call"!!! I call BULL**bleep** on that!!!!! Now, she says, they will call you at their convenience.  So glad, I can make it convenient for them!


I am trying to be patient, and I apologize for the crude language, but this is absolutely TERRIBLE customer service from GoPro.  


And by the way the other posts look, support seems to be consistent - BAD, regardless of who is calling!