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Complaints filed with Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau

I preordered a new gopro hero 8 black camera. Just before the camera order was fulfilled gopro announced a 25% off promo. I contacted gopro to see if this promo could be applied to my camera order. The representative said the only way I could use the promo was to return the camera when it arrived and reorder using a coupon code that she gave me. She issued me a return merchandise order and provided me with a prepaid shipping label. When the camera arrived I never opened the camera packaging at all. I simply resealed the shipping packaging with the return information and shipped it back to GoPro. I have an ongoing problem getting my refund from GoPro and after several weeks and several calls Supervisor Ramond is unable to get the refund processed and stated that he was the highest member of GoPro that I could speak to. My Case # 07120029. I was given a RMA # 515136 on October 16, 2019 along with a prepaid return shipping label for a Hero 8 Black. I shipped the camera back on 10/17/19 and have the receipt of shipping. I received confirmation that Rose had received the return on 10/24/19 at 11:47am. Contacted Gopro a few days later to check on return status and was told it takes 24-48 hours to process. I initially called back 4 more times after each 48 hour timeframe had passed and was told the same 24-48 hours. Spoke to a supervisor on 11/6/19 and he was "making this his top priority". On 11/6/19 I filed a dispute with my credit card in hopes of avoiding late fees while waiting on Gopro to issue my refund. The credit card company contacted Gopro on 11/7/19, but no resolution yet. I contacted gopro again 11/14/19 at 11:00am and asked to speak to the supervisor handling my case. After sitting on hold for 15 minutes the representative came back and said the supervisor would have to help me with my case and that he was on another call and he'd have to call me back. After waiting 3 hours for a return call I called GoPro again and was finally connected with Supervisor Ramond who told me that he had no way to directly contact "the warehouse" but that he was working on it daily and he just didn't know why he hadn't heard any response from the warehouse team even after a month. I asked to speak to Supervisor Ramonds manager/boss/supervisor and he told me he was the highest member of the company that I can talk to. This is now beyond ridiculous. I have confirmation where gopro received returned camera. I would like someone to adderss this problem and process my refund and contact me. I have called several more times and have been given the same runaround with no indication of resolution. I have now filed a dispute with my credit card company, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.