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Again, no support.

Another day, another GoPro no show. Today almost 7 hours waiting for a chat or a call! ☎️ Wake up GoPro!

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Re: Again, no support.

I beat my head against the wall with this kind of thing and gave up years ago. The only reason I follow this at all is because I still have half a dozen gopros left that I am waiting for to die off of attrition. I won't buy another. After all these years and years of fighting this stuff with Gopro, I can see that their hardware isn't too bad. I estimate that about 75%+ of their woes come from software. Why, oh why, won't they hire a competent software team? No one knows. The amount of money they spend trying to stay afloat in a sea of unhappy customers due to software issues could SURELY have paid five times the cost of competent software design from the get-go. Maybe they got locked into some weird long term (like forever) agreement with some developers early on and can't get out of it. But whatever the reason, it's killing the brand. It's a mystery to me and everyone else why they can't get that side of the business together. My suggestion is to sell yours, eat the loss, and buy another brand. Plenty of respectable cameras to choose from now. It would have been nice to stay with one brand and be loyal to gopro forever, but not only have they not earned that loyalty, they seem to actively drive it away. Just boggles the mind. Are they Chinese? I live near the Chinese border. Don't even get me started.

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Re: Again, no support.

Stop wasting your time. Get a refund and move on. GoPro only leads to more frustration.