The Developer Program Event is underway in San Francisco, where over 30 featured developers are demoing their integrated products to press. After a keynote presentation by founder and CEO Nick Woodman, and Developer Program lead Adam Silver, the media and special guests were welcomed into the developer hall, where brands like BMW, Fisher-Price, Polar, and many more unveiled the products they have developed around the official tool kits GoPro has provided them through the program. Much more to come from SF, so stay tuned!


Above: Director of Global Communications Rick Loughery introduces Adam Silver, the Developer Program lead, to the media and special guests this morning in San Francisco.


Above: The view of one wing of the show floor from Magellan's incredible custom Toyota Land Cruiser. 


Above: Attendees checking out Camdo Solutions and their multiple product solutions, including underwater and multi-camera applications.


Above: Timecode Systems giving live demos of their timecode synchronization SyncBac for GoPro cameras, complete with full set, actors, and production crew. 



The action has continued into the afternoon today at Pier 35 in San Francisco, CA, where over 30 developers from just about every industry gathered to showcase the products they’ve developed to integrate with GoPro cameras. As official members of the newly launched GoPro Developer Program, these companies have access to toolkits straight from the folks at GoPro.


More specifically, the Developer Program toolkits enable developers to create seamless user experiences between their products and GoPro products in three primary ways:


  1. MOBILE APPS: Enables developers to create mobile apps that connect with GoPro cameras. Functionality includes: camera command and control, live video preview, and media management.
  1. DEVICES: Enables developers to create devices that connect either physically to a GoPro camera via the HEROBus, or wirelessly via Bluetooth® technology or Wi-Fi. Also provides the ability to access numerous GoPro functions including: camera command and control, video management and more.
  1. MOUNTS / HOUSINGS: Enables developers to create accurate and reliable physical mounting solutions for GoPro devices.



At today’s launch event, 34 of the more than 100 participating companies showcased a wide variety of GoPro-compatible implementations, including:

  • BMW – M-Laptimer App: A track day data acquisition and analysis suite for the enthusiast driver. Records car telemetry data, speed, location and video from GoPro cameras to provide accurate and informative feedback, and playback of content.
  • FISHER-PRICE: Integration of GoPro-compatible, child-friendly camera housing and mounts into a suite of new products including Fisher-Price Jumperoo, Walker and Gym products to help parents celebrate the amazing milestones in their child’s early years from a unique perspective.  
  • TELEFONICA – Xtreamr Mobile App: With the simplicity of sharing a link, Xtreamr enables live sharing of multi-dimensional video experiences, as they happen, with the people you care about the most. Make memories and share them live. 
  • TIMECODE SYSTEMS – SyncBac PRO: Timecode synchronizes GoPro cameras for seamless integration into professional television and film workflows. (photo above)

“We have been able to achieve so much with the SyncBac PRO due to the amazing sharing of technology offered through the GoPro Developer Program,” said Paul Scurrell, CEO of Timecode Systems Limited. “To me, this is exactly what best-of-breed technology companies should be doing – taking the best of their own offerings and combining them to drive innovation and elegant solutions. The end result is a product combination that’s greater than the sum of two halves, providing the end user with the best possible solution available.”


To gain access to GoPro’s developer toolkits, interested companies should visithttp://developer.gopro.com/info and apply to join the GoPro Developer Program.


Above: Fisher-Price, and some very cute models, showed off their integration of GoPro-compatible, child-friendly camera housing and mounts into a suite of new products including Fisher-Price Jumperoo, Walker, and Gym products to help parents celebrate the amazing milestones in their child’s early years from a unique perspectives.


The GoPro Developer Program is launching with a companion program called Works with GoPro, a product verification and brand association program for companies who make products that work with GoPro products. Companies that have completed the Works with GoPro verification can enjoy the benefits of integrated marketing, including the use of the Works with GoPro logo. Consumers can enjoy products with the Works with GoPro logo knowing they are verified by GoPro to work well with GoPro Products.


For more information on the GoPro Developer Program and Works with GoPro, including capsules on a portion of the companies currently enrolled in the program, please check back to the Inside Line for more updates.