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Hero 5 Session Not connecting to app, overheating, then bricking till battery is drained

Ive had this Hero session 5 from new 3 years ago(ish), it's been in the box, and never used. It was a gift).

I've had one before therefore know how to use one, so, it's not like i'm a moron and cant work the thing.

The following problem happens with or without an SD card, and when with an SD card, across 3 different types.

Different brands, all U3, different storage capacity.

Firstly, if i turn it on and dont immediately scroll trough the menu's it freezes. I have to hold the on button for 8 seconds to turn it off and restart it.

If i connedt to a new device it finds it via bluetooth, but doesnt set up a wifi network, and wont connect to the app.

Usually at some point after trying this a few times it freezes. But permanently, blue lights flashing away, lcd frozen, until the battery dies.

If i dont try to connect to the app and switch connections off, again after 2 minutes it freezes, again will not resart until the battery drains.

Every time the permanent freeze happens, the device gets hot at the bottom fromt of the camera.

This thing has never been used. Never out of the packaging. Never dropped, never wet. There's not a single mark on it. It's new out of the box.

For 6 months ive been emailing, and trying to use the gopro chat, and leaving messages. I've been tweeting to them, I just cant get a response, or they just cut me off. I'm being intentionally ignored with this problem. I would pay for them to fix it, yet i cant get a sngle response.

Does anyone know the issue? is it common? Is it just about replacing a part? I've tried third party repairs and they say they're not taking repairs at the minute.

I've just got a 250 quid paperweight here.