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Abysmal Customer Service

I have been trying to get hold of customer service for over 4 hours this monring with no success.  No call back, no chat and no one to speak to.


Basically I ordered about £400 worth of camera and accessories which was dumped by UPS on my doorstep this morning - the parcel was ripped open and possibly has items missing, is soacking wet and the UPS driver (who i glimpsed out of the window) dumped and drove off quicky.


I have now cancelled all subscriptions to GoPro, have informed VISA to stop and recover the payment, failed to contact UPS as they are even worse than GoPro customer services (which is saying a lot) and had left the damaged parcel ont eh doorstep.


It now appears to be missing and so GoPro - if you ever bother to read this - please contact me urgently as you have used a courier (UPS) that has failed to deliver my order and which now appears to be missing...!

GoPro Order - G J Pownall.JPG
Posts: 8
Re: Abysmal Customer Service

This is NOT delivered - please note I have stopped payment and unsubscribed from Go Pro and lodged a formal complaint and still no one has contacted me - this is a warning to all who are thinking of buying online - please be aware of the atrocious customer service - a simple problem has now resulted in Barclaycard being involved, formal complainst to the UPS courier and me no over £400 outr of pocket.


I woudl apprecaite nayone with a contact phone number at GoPro to please post it so i can speak to someone about this...


I have waited all day - over 6 hours for a chat or call back and got nothing..!