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Water entering GoPro 5

Hi, this is probably posted in the wrong place! Anyway some help is needed. I have had my GoPro Black for a while and recently when on holiday in Cape Verdi noticed after a short swim with the camera in a small swimmining pool that the camera was behaving odd. Took it out of the pool and noticed water in the front LCD!  Dried the camera with hair dryer and all worked out ok. Thought maybe I hadn't closed a door properly or something. Yesterday took the camera out on the beach attached to my kite buggy one foot off the ground. Small amount of water on the beach, looked at the camera at home and water back in the front LCD. I have looked around the seals with an elecronic microscope and there is no damage and all doors were closed properly. 


Where is this water comming from? This time the camera wasn't under water just being splashed by water! I decided to Google this issue and have found that this seems to be a common complaint (waterproof camera ?)  Any help would be usefull but the camera may be out of warranty.  I can only assume its the sealing around the top mike?