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Karma gimbal 002-eu what camera are supported
Hi all

I’ve just bought karma gimbal with the code 002-eu and have been trying to find out what camera are supported by the gimbal apart of GoPro 5 which is stated on the box.
Does anyone know ?

Thanks for the help in advance
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Re: Karma gimbal 002-eu what camera are supported
The GoPro Karma Grip is compatible with the HERO5, HERO6, and HERO7 Black.

The code doesn't matter, they are all the same stabilizer. Only the region code and included accessories varied based on when/where it was sold.

You must run the firmware updates on the Karma Grip handle & stabilized (using the Quik Desktop app) as well as making sure the camera is on the lastest firmware, if you are using the HERO6 or HERO7 Black.

HERO6 & HERO7 Black have the best audio in the Grip.

It's a great stabilizer. Very sturdy and buttery smooth. The lock button is where you control is behavior. Two clicks to put it in follow mode, one click to return to default horizon leveling. Press and hold to have complete control of orientation it to adjust horizon level.

For best results, remove the stabilizer from the handle when charging. Remove the camera from stabilizer when storing or not using for any prolonged prettied of time.

You do want a good case. The Karma Grip case is best. If yours didn't come with the case, you can get one when in stock here or from other 3rd party resellers like and B&H.

External mics will not work with the Karma Grip.

Periodically, calibrate the stabilizer

If you have any other questions, please post.