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Hero 9 Black SD Format Issue

I have a BRAND NEW GoPro HERO 9 Black that i just got 2 days ago.  I also have a BRAND NEW SD card I just got this morning out of the package.  It is a Lexar 512-GB 633x Micro SDXC UHS-I, model # LSDM512BBNL633A, and it is currently on the list of approved SD cards for my Hero 9 camera (here:  Before I did anything I put the brand new SD card into my Hero 9 camera and tried to format it.  An hour later it was still trying to format and my battery was running low.  I have tried everything, including googling a potnetial fix.  Nothing.  I've wasted $60 on an SD card that I can't get to work!  Has ANYBODY had this issue with the Lexar 512-GB SD card and gotten it to work somehow?  I'd hate to think I wasted all this money when I purchased the SD card because it was listed on GoPro's Forums under approved cards for my specific Hero 9 model...  Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

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Re: Hero 9 Black SD Format Issue
Well, first of all, the 633x is NOT a recommended SD card. The 663x is, but not the 633x. I assume what you wrote is just a typo.

As far as the card itself, you should get it exchanged. There could be an issue with one of us sectors or it could be counterfeited to represent more data storage then it actually has available.