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site navigation

will someone who knows how to set up a web site PLEASE make one that can be navigated?! I have Never been so frustrated as I am on this site. Links that don't work and haven't for months. Dead ends on pages with no way out other than the back button. have you ever heard of a navigation bar at the top and bottom or even a HOME link? I have been attempting to access manuals and the page just sits there no matter what type I choose. Your purchase/order pages seem to work fantastic, but your support pages have always, and I mean ALWAYS been impossible to find what you want. Perhaps the frustration of the lack of support after you purchase is what is effecting your stock prices.

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Re: site navigation

Hello @onlysonof3daughters


Thank you for the feedback. Let us try this. On the main GoPro Support Hub (not your profile page), there is a column to the right that lists GoPro Resources. Under this is a link to the GoPro Manuals page. Is this what you tried? Did it work for you? 


Let us know how it works out. We are currently doing some changes on the site and the linked sites to our customer-facing help site so your feedback will be very helpful. Feel free to post back if you'd have more observations to share. We will gladly look into them.