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Website / support woes


I have a collection of GoPro products and love them - I really do.


your website however utterly infuriates me. some very basic tasks that most hardware platforms you'd think would be easy, such as firmware upgrades, password resets - the really common things you'd think would be straight forward.


Today, I got a request for a survey pop up whilst on the GoPro site and I though maybe I should share my thoughts on the survery, take some of my personal time out, add some constructive comments in to perhaps help the company and products I love simply get better.


Answered a handful of questions (whilst venting my irritations with some of the basic irregularaties I have with your site).


Finally go to the end, and I got this error message - utterly classic! did make me laugh.... then groan a little :(

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Re: Website / support woes

Hi @georgewkenny


I would feel just as you do if I were in your position.  Thank you for taking the time to share with us your experience. It is initially the end user/customers who are able to observe issues with products or services so we look up to them for feedback. May I know what specific concerns you have with the update or the password reset?

Please check if these direct links would help:


Should you need immediate assistance though, you can reach out to one of our Support team members here:


Sorry to hear about the survey tool. Your feedback is very important to us. Feel free to share them here.