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Support site needs some love.

There are several things that came up for me recently that are very annoying. To point out I am also a GoProPlus member and you would hope there would be some support benefit with that, besides longer hours.


  • I created a ticket (what about does not really matter) I received a response via email asking me questions about my ticket. I tried to respond to the email and got a bounce back saying they are not accepting email responses to my ticket??? What? why? You asked me a question and now you want me to call some 1st level support agent that has no idea about my ticket and give them the answers? They won't even really listen to that, they want to try and start from the beginning and help me. Uggg, this is the third time I have to start over and it is not a 1st level support question.
  • Did you guys remove the phone number from the website? I have frustratingly looking all over your website I had to submit an online form and wait for the call back. Which was not too bad, but at least let us know on you're website that we can no longer call into a direct line.
  • Might also be nice to be able to go into my GoPro Plus account, view my tickets and respond with notes directly into the ticket. Seems all basic ticketing systems have that ability and would have been super useful in this case.
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Re: Support site needs some love.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, @kawiman750


Regarding your GoPro Plus question. See if any of the media that were not downloaded were dated 2018 or older. We may have found a resolution to this case. At this time, back in 2018, we were only allowing users to download the compressed versions of the media. So in reality, the older 2018 were compressed to 1080 resolution and uploaded to the cloud.


When we introduced a revamped version of GoPro Plus in 2019, we allowed a user to upload the actual source original file into the cloud infrastructure, and have the ability to download that particular file at both compressed and original quality.


Overall, anything back in 2018 and before is compressed format and 2019 and further is the original and compressed formats. This being the case, see if the media dated 2018 or older can be downloaded by choosing compressed file over original quality. 


We have recently made a change in the contact method. Support can be reached through . Once done with filling out the form, you will be given an option to either chat with one of our representatives or request a callback. Be sure to put in your best contact number. 


Let us know what you find out regarding the above Plus issue. Feel free to post back for any other questions.