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Suggestion to improve support hub

My immediate suggestion is to allow searches to be done using a userid as the search string.


I recently posted to the support hub and a few days later wanted to find my original post to see if there were any replies. I entered my userid as a search string, but got no results.

In order to find my original post, I unnecessarily spent time searching through pages of more recent posts. I could have saved approx. 30 mins if searching was allowed on more data items. It would also be helpful when searching for replies or questions from specific contributors.

Having access to see allowed labels would also be helpful. I tried entering some labels but only got the message that the ones I used were "not available here".

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Re: Suggestion to improve support hub

@dd764 - If you go to the Search page, try doing an advanced search. Once you've done that, add the userID in the Author section to filter out posts by a specific member. That should hopefully get you what you're looking for.


For labels, all of the available options for a specific area of the Support Hub are shown as you write your message. Labels are primarily used to filter posts into sub-categories. As an alternative, you can add tags to your posts to help others find them. Tags are much less restrictive.




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Re: Suggestion to improve support hub

You mark items as out of stock (Protective Housing for HERO8 Black) which lacks basic information to make an inteligent decision. Please make that a clickable link that provides some further information such as due to arrive XX/XX/XX or no estimated time of arrival. Anything would be helpful.  I am a diver and the cameras value is contingent upon the housing availability.  I am sure you get that.  If the housing is not available until November then I can wait until my next dive trip to order everything. If it will ship in October I am excited and would order it now.

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Re: Suggestion to improve support hub

Thank you for the feedback, @papatodd. We will pass this along to the team. 

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Re: Suggestion to improve support hub

immediately after I posted this it became available to order. I am hoping that it was in stock as it let me order and didn't mention any delays.