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Question on Idea Submission

Do the terms on the idea submission policy basically mean we get no credit or recognition when we submit ideas for go pro improvements? Just asking.

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Re: Question on Idea Submission

@Anonymous - Submissions are covered under our Idea Submission Policy. You can read the policy by going to and then going to Partner with Us > Hardware. You'll see the link at the bottom of the page.


Here's a copy of the policy as it reads today...



We are always stoked to hear from the GoPro community and we welcome your enthusiasm about us and what we are doing. GoPro’s company policy, however, does not allow us to accept or consider any unsolicited ideas, suggestions, proposals, or materials in any form (“Submissions”). We have this policy to avoid potential misunderstandings when GoPro’s products, services or features might appear to be similar or identical to ideas submitted to GoPro.



If you still want to submit an idea to GoPro, please understand that we will treat your submission in the following way regardless of what your submission says:

  • We will treat your submission as non-confidential and non-proprietary;
  • Your submission does not bind GoPro in any way (contractual or otherwise, e.g., we do not have to treat your submission as secret or confidential);
  • We may not be able to acknowledge receipt of your submission and we are not obligated to return to you anything you send us;
  • We may use, distribute, or disclose all or a portion of your submission freely for any purpose and without compensation to you.


While our policy doesn’t allow us to consider your unsolicited ideas, GoPro is happy to receive feedback about our existing products, services, or features. If you do decide to send feedback to us, please send us thoughts about existing products, services, or features only. Any feedback you provide is non-confidential and non-proprietary. GoPro may use any feedback you provide freely and without compensation or acknowledgment to you or to anyone else.

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You should offer photogrammetry software.

short version:  You should offer photogrammetry software.

long version:  I do a lot of caving.  I try to shoot video of the entire trip so my video show the entire cave.  I'd like to be able to take those videos and process them into 3-D models of the caves.  Such software already exists:  It's called photogrammetry software.  It's really picky because it usually only works with still pictures, works with only a few pictures, and othere limitations.  I want an automated experience.  I want to give the software my video files and have it give me back a photorealistic 3-D model.  I know my videos have some motion blur so it won't be the best quality, but I definitely want something.  It seems with your Dual-Hero setup especially you'd have an advantage of trying to do something like this.  That's one of the reasons I've been shooting my videos this year in 3-D.   Honestly, I want this so badly that I'm thinking of taking some programming classes so I can just do it myself, but I'd rather not have to resort to that.  There are also companies that will do this, but they charge a lot because their employees will be doing part of the work instead of letting software do it automatically.  What would REALLY be cool is if I shot multiple videos of an ice cave so a 4-D model would be generated showing how the ice changed each time.

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Re: You should offer photogrammetry software.

@randolphm82853 - Sounds interesting. The best place to submit suggestions for new products or features is through our Feedback channel at




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Re: Question on Idea Submission

I bought GoPro stock when it was 40.17....  Its now 5.98....  GoPro needs an idea of a different item and I have it.  The industry that I can pitch my idea is a multi billion dollar industry  that could add a lot of value/growth to gopro.   I have thought about a few other companies to go to but I want to start with GoPro.  I believe that the name would fit well and the industry would be extremely excited.  You already have the cameras and sourcing you just need to modify what you have already and it will work for this economic driving industry that I am speaking of.  How do I get to a place to tell you about this?

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Re: Question on Idea Submission

Hi @bravehero8464


You may refer to

Please click on "Partner with Us" and select the appropriate category.





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Re: Question on Idea Submission

So If someone has a camera patent that they want to partner with GoPro on, they are basically out of luck?

GoPro will take the patent if they want to, without compensation to the patent owner, regardless of having a patent on it?

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Re: Question on Idea Submission

Hello @luciusfox2099. It would be best to get in touch with our Connect team through the link provided above. They are the best team to help with queries on partnerships, patents, and other idea submissions. Best regards!