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Re: GoPro merchandise

@jefft wrote:

@Anonymous - We love to hear that people are fans of our products and want to wear clothing with our brand on it. Unfortunately, we don't have any apparel for sale on our site. Typically, the best ways to get these types of items is at one of the events that GoPro sponsors or participates in. Our teams often bring along some items to hand out to people who visit them.


We'll definitely pass long your feedback that you're interested in GoPro items to our product development teams though.





Hi Jeff,

What about the apparel section you have now? Is it going to be available anytime soon? I was planning on getting my Hero5+Karma and throw maybe a hat and a t-shirt in too...


Thank you!


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Re: GoPro merchandise


Where are you located? i'm in the USA and have already purchased a shirt, hat, and a couple sweatshirts for my wife, kids, and me.  BTW, all very comfortable and good quality.  i think they might have sold out on a few items as they now have the ominous "Coming Soon" but they were available and I believe some still are.

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Re: GoPro merchandise

Hi @Anonymous,

I'm no sure if anyone has reached out to you recently

about the GoPro merch. GoPro now sells hats, and shirts.

Just wanted to let you know. You can find that here:

To buy that stuff you need a GoPro PLUS account.