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Community suggestions

This expands slightly further outside the realm of just the hub and is more of a suggestion for the community approach as a whole.


I work a lot with splunk who have a similar site for the support hub ( This is a great place to work with other members of the community to supply answers to questions in detail. However, its often the case that a question needs answering which is almost overkill for a question on the main answers site. At present, the only other option with GoPro is the support chat (if a plus member) or support lines (if in business hours). 


How this is approached with Splunk is to have a dedicated community slack site. Running on the free tier, there are thousands of users signed up and active. All of whom help each other solve problems, promote new ideas and even run community led challenges. I dont see any reason why the slack channels would not work for GoPro too. A lot of people use slack as part of their everyday work and so it would be a familiar feeling for them.


Another suggestion would be to run regular webinars demonstrating the latest and greatest features on offer. Whether thats hardware, in-app, or specific to the cameras themselves (e.g. when you should try a specific white balance, res, etc). Sure certain videos like this already exist on youtube but having a properly branded and promoted set of videos like this would improve the user experience and would maintain a consistent message and delivery approach.


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Re: Community suggestions

That would be great if you guys think more about scuba divers. So many of us uses the gopros! You have added the new light for the gopro 8 its only going to 10 meters. We need a light that we can bring down at depth! Also for the poles. They are not suited for more then 10 meters. Please think of us when you take your new accessories out! For sure it would make good sales for you if we dont need to turn for other compagnies to equip our camera ;)
Cheers from Canada.