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Re: Changing your default Nickname

And I'm getting 

ACCOUNT_SERVERRESPONSE_5010_NICKNAME when trying to save. As this is in red, I guess it is not working.
As I am working in IT I think it is
1. ridiculus that a user cannot change a nickname more often (this is basic functionality in almost all other cloud services)
2. returning error messages with codes (technical stuff) instead of user friendly message is kindoff... well not user friendly :-(
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Re: Changing your default Nickname

I got halfway through writing my name then went on the facebook tab to reply to  message then came back and it was saved. Not only am i having troubles with your crap GoPro Hero 5 Black but even the simple act of changing a user name from a pre made one has been made difficult.

For such a big company you guys are very very disapointing.

Even your customer service personal don't know how to resolve any problems or enquieries. . . . . laughable

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Re: Changing your default Nickname

Now its March 2018. and the problem is still not solved... WHY ????

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Re: Changing your default Nickname

Hello Everyone, 


At this time, the option to change nickname is not available. An option to consider is to delete the GoPro account and use the same email in creating or registering a new one with the desired nickname. Before you do any of these though, please make sure you save all your media first as deleting the account will also delete all the media associated to it - especially those saved to the GoPro Plus cloud.