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Badges and points

Hi. I just posted my first message on this forum, and then I received an email notification with subject "You earned the Conversation Starter badge on GOPRO SUPPORT HUB"... WTF!... I "earned" and BADGE?!!! It would be funny if it weren't sad. I just wrote to you about not being annoying, and here you go again! Badges on most sites, including this one, are pointless and annoying. Further, your messaging about it is cheesy: "Wear It With Pride", "Right on! You just earned a new badge...", "Conversation Starter - No one ever forgets their first.", "We can't wait to see which badge you'll earn next!". So. Lame. Stop trying to be cool.

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Re: Badges and points

You can turn those notifications off if you'd like. Just click on the "Personalize" link near the top where you logged in and click the check box in the middle of the page that reads, "Don't send me any community emails".