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Re: uploaded file not visible


last week i loaded some new file on dropbox
i added a new folder to go pro plus
i see the movie on ly desktop bur not on my mobile or ipad

is this ok?

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Re: uploaded file not visible

@nordictipis, are you able to see the footage in through a web browser? If it isn't showing up on the web, check if the file was successfully uploaded to PLUS through Quik for Desktop. See How to Add Media to GoPro PLUS for further reference.

If the media file is accessible via web, make sure that you're signed in to the correct PLUS account in the GoPro App (mobile). You can also try signing out and logging back in.

Additionally, be sure to have the latest version of the GoPro App installed on your mobile device.

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Re: uploaded file not visible


1)How can you manage to upload data of 3 gopro after a ride op 4 hours?

uploading takes years?

( even with a good internet account)


can you give me tips?

2)sometimes you ask him to upload 10 files but i only did 8

how do you know the. 2 missing ones?


3)how can i share all my data to an other person


i upload all my data to gopro plus

i make some highlights

person in an other country needs to make a movie of it


how to you manage this?


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Re: uploaded file not visible

Hello, @nordictipis. Please see below for answers to your questions: 


(1) How do you usually upload your media? Check out these methods of adding media to PLUS. We suggest that you try them (with sample clips, if you may) to see which one is more efficient on your end). 


(2) We'd like to gather more details on this. Does this mean you were uploading only 8 files and you're notified of a total of 10 uploads? How was the upload done? Where did you see the notification?


(3) The Hilights can only be seen when accessed through the same GoPro PLUS account.